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14 of the best things I ate in 2016


From Michelin star to PFC, Here is a very random list of my most memorable things I ate in 2016, it’s a pretty strange selection but these are the dishes that made me go wow, for overall taste and in some cases amazing value.

2016 was a good year for food, with so many options in London I was really spoilt for choice when it came to eating out. It was a year where believe or not I ate out a lot less than usual – thanks to a very busy work year and being on the Lean in 15 lifestyle, (google Joe Wicks) I cooked more of my own food than ever (and lost 1 stone in 4 weeks) and kept that weight off by eating healthier and less.

1. Char Siu lamb ribs, Chi Kitchen, £12.50

These are the single best things that I ate this year. The soft, juicy and tender meat just  melts in the mouth as has so much flavour and just the right amount of sweetness for my liking. I made so rather questionable groaning noises while i was eating this.

2 Set Lunch Menu, Gymkhana, £35 set menu

Was hard to get a table for lunch, but I loved the experience here – The service and was on all on point. By choice of indian restaurant in London.

3 Chicken Jalfrezi Pie, Square Pie, £7.95

Just a pie, but I really liked eating this dish this year. So much so I have my tally at 5 of theses bad boys this year. A soft and flakey crust filled with a tasty chicken curry filling.

4 Cap of Rump Steak, Carne Carbana, £21.95

There’s a lot of meat on show here but once i tried the cap of rump steak cooked medium rare I didn’t to try anything else. The taste and melt on the mouth texture was similar to eating wagyu beef.

5 Proper fries, Proper Burgers, £7 approx

I remember waiting for my food to arrive and noticed that 2 people came in just to order the Proper fries for take away and once i tried it i realised why. A great mash up of pulled beef, cheese can chips with yummy chill.

6 Single Platter, Franzos £12

I have lost count the number of times I have had the grilled chicken form here. Once you eat the chicken here you won’t want to eat nandos every again, the taste and juiciness make this the best chicken I have had this year. Every time I visit the chicken is on point.

7 Breakfast, Moral £6-7

This year I tried a few english breakfasts outside making them myself and Moral is the one place that stands out among everyplace I have tried. The service and staff create a family feel and the is clean and simple with loads of different changeable items.

8 Korean fried chicken, Flesh and Buns, £6.50

Absolutely fantastic, really sticky, spicy and messy but the heat and flavour made these a memorable food dish.

Pretty much anything from, Five Lads

Before there was Franzos there was Five Lads, not to be confused with the burger chain of the similar name. The Chicken here is not at the same level for the similar franzos, but it’s a close second but they also to nice and better burgers.

10 Salt Burger, Dubai

I ate a lot of Burgers in Dubai when I went for the first time this summer. But the stand out was the burger from Salt. It’s simple but so tasty and the location just has the best vibe

11. Devilish Shrimp, Hoppers, £7 approx

12. Lamb and feta pide, Pide £8

This lamb and feta Pide was brilliant. So much flavour and taste from the lamb, I looked it up, turns out they marinade and mix with spices to create that deep taste. Wish there was more in my take away box. Cost is £8.50.

13. Mini Mix Grill, PFC (Stepney Green) £5

Okay, this may be an odd choice, but during ramadan I was in Stepney Green and popped into PFC and noticed a mix grill for £5 so I thought i’d give it a try. Single lamb chop, chicken tikka, mutton tikka, chicken wing and kebab with nan and drink. Have to say it was brilliant, everything was cooked medium rare without asking. Very surprised with that!

14. Chocolate Fondant, Banana Tree £5

I had a lot of desserts this year, mainly on my one cheat day a week, so I would pick carefully what I would have, but the chocolate fondant with coconut ice cream from Banana Tree always was my winner. I don’t think I’ve had better.

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