Update October 2018 – 

Since originally writing this review a lot of time has passed, this place has taken its newly found popularity that I feel I had a part in and has increased prices and dropped standards. I have changed the score to reflect this.

The first time I had a halal English breakfast outside of my home was at Meds and that experience was rather disappointing and left me wondering why it was rated by so many. Well, if you follow me on Instagram, the comments section for that Meds post recommended a place for me to check out.

Moral Cafe is a Turkish run family establishment in Ilford.

The cafe is spacious, clean, modern and contemporary. As mentioned is is a Turkish family run business with a lot of warmth from the people that work there. Very friendly, good service and a nice breakfast. You are able to swap items if you want. Many other things on the menu

I went for the Full English, there are loads of options to choice from the wide range of items on the menu.


I liked the presentation of the breakfast, served in a plate with corners and neat compartment areas for extras. Looking back, I should of swapped a few things out, but for I did have was great. You get to chose the type of bread you even want and its not the cheap tesco value stuff.

I do think that it could of done with a slight twist and maybe add some ethnic flavours to it, (basically, I like chilli and spice) but it stayed true to being a simple and well cooked English Breakfast. Not much to go into here, everything was made well and was good quality.

Highly recommended.