Scoring System

Food – The most important element of any food review. This rating is primarily focused on the quality of the food on its own and also as a secondary factor takes on the other 3 criteria to form the score. Food score is based on the taste of dishes, use of flavour, presentation – impressive artistry in dishes, balance and depth of flavour in dishes, while using quality ingredients. i.e freshness of meat/chicken/vegetables. High scores are even for making it a hugely memorable experience for the diner.

Service – Customer service, the politeness of staff and waiters. The attentiveness of waiters must lead to good satisfaction levels.

Atmosphere – Looks of a where we eat are important, this takes into account the decor and everything that comes with it. Design of most aspects, such as Menu design, lighting, Seating arrangements, tableware, music, wall, floor, ceilings, acoustics and other features like waterfalls, view etc

Value – Value is based on the price of said meal against the all the above criteria. Value takes into consideration the location of the restaurant, (i,e East London Vs Mayfair, you can’t expect prices to be the name) The phrase you get what you paid for comes to mind, Good food and service come at a premium usually. The value will depend on individual bases. Portion sizes and what you get for your money also is taken into account. Comparisons will be drawn against the food of similar cuisine and location to formulate this score.


All meat is Halal

There is prayer space inside the restaurant


There is a Mosque within a 10min Walk from the restaurant

Indicates that the restaurant only serves Halal Chicken. Examples include Pizza Express and GBK.


Alcohol is served in the restaurant. If you don’t see this icon, then theres no Alcohol on the menu.


There is Pork on the Menu, However Meat such as Lamb and Chicken is Halal. Example would be Banana Tree. If you don’t see this icon then there is NO pork on the menu.

These are my own findings which are subject to change without notice