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I'm Halal Food Guy

How it Started

First of all, this is NOT my day job! By day, I am a 30 something creative professional who has been working in film and media for nearly over 15 years as a motion designer.

One day (around 2013) I started to list all the places I have been to eat and started to write short reviews on halal restaurants via the website Zomato and then set up my own website, then from there started to take pictures of food and created an Instagram page which then grew.

I love food and eating out like most of you. I have many passions in life and food is one of them. I am lucky to live in area (London, North East) where Halal food is everywhere. Gone are the days of the only food we can eat outside of the home is a curry or halal fried chicken.

The Halal food scene has grown, halal food consumers now want more and expect more. Our generation want alternatives to mum's chicken curry and rice - we love burgers, steaks, different flavours in new environments.

So I am on a mission to find what this great city has to offer. I spend most of my free time researching new places to eat I have a long list of places but finding friends to go with and the time is always the hard part.

How it's going..

After 7 or so years of being the first Halal Food Blogger, I've learnt a lot about the food and restaurant industry. Unlike most "influencers" I don't show my face or reveal any personal information about myself. I like to stay anonymous and have no interest in social media fame. I like good food and telling others about it!

I have grown this small blog into one of the most influential food blogs online as well as an amazing group of Instagram followers. I have helped small business and restaurants grow via providing ALWAYS HONEST feedback and reviews and promotional via my social media and online platforms.

Halal Food Guy

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