How to add a map of all the BEST HALAL restaurants in London, within google maps for FREE in just 3 steps.

Places will show up based on YOUR LOCATION! Never be lost again searching for somewhere good to eat. List is updated regularly

This works best on your Google Maps App on a smartphone or tablet. But can be used on desktop as well.

Step 1.

View Map

Open the above and Press Follow

Advert (Sorry)

Step 2

Once that’s done, Open the menu (the 3 lines) and press YOUR PLACES

Step 3

Go to the saved tab and you will see my list at the bottom.

Step 4

All done! Your google maps will now show all my favourite halal places in town based on YOUR LOCATION. You can also view places in list format as well.

View Map

Old Map Below (not kept up to date)

Here is a map of some of the places that I have been to in London over the last few years. You can view the map directly here.