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Have you found yourself in a situation where you are in a part of London that you don’t know too well and want to find the nearest and best restaurant that has HALAL options? Then fear not! I have made a tool that will save you and make you become the coolest person that your friends know*

Here is how to add a map of all the BEST HALAL restaurants in London, within google maps for FREE in just 3 steps. Places will show up based on YOUR LOCATION! Never be lost again searching for somewhere good to eat. The list is updated regularly

This works best on your Google Maps App on a smartphone or tablet. But can be used on desktop as well.

Step 1.


Step 2

The link should directly open the Halal Food Restarnut Maps inside the Google Maps App on your phone. If it doesn’t, select Google Maps.

(Remember, you need to be logged into your active Google account)

open in google maps

Note, if you for Andriod users, if you open the Link from Instagram, you need to press the 3 dots in the top right and select open in Maps. (this is because the Instagram browser won’t have your details saved)

Step 3

Now you have access to the map, but for it to show up correctly, make sure you hit FOLLOW


That’s It!

You now have the best thing ever created since Halal burgers.

How to use it

The map will display restaurants that have halal options based on your location, in order of distance from you. (you need to have your location switched on) If your location is off, it will display places in Alphabetical order. You can scroll the list, a few places have a little review that I have written.

How to Search the map

If you want to view the restaurants on a map simply press the View Map button. You can drag around the interactive map and zoom into the area in which you want to explore.

Once you select a restaurant, you can view more information about it, some places contain a small review from me, for example here for Berenjack, I’ve mentioned they have the best chicken and lamb shish.

How to view the map at any time

Once you have followed this map, you can call up the list at any time inside your Google Maps App. Just press the saved button and select the map!

How to hide the map

If you want to hide the map from showing restaurant locations all you have to do is press the saved icon on the bottom, find the Halal Food Guy Restaurant List, Press the 3 dots, and select Hide on Your Map.

how to hide the map

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    • What an amazing way to share the halal places you have visited and reviewed for people who don’t have time or have kids.

      Love the work HFG.


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