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Halal Meat from New Zealand


New Zealand is a major exporter of halal meat to Muslim countries around the world, including the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and many more. With a large consumer base in these countries, New Zealand has become a leading supplier of halal meat, with a significant portion of its slaughtering houses exclusively exporting halal products.

New Zealand has strict regulations when it comes to the production and export of halal meat. The country’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is responsible for ensuring that all halal meat products meet the strict standards set by the Islamic community. This includes certification by recognized halal certification bodies such as the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ).

The process of halal certification is rigorous, and involves an assessment of the entire supply chain from the point of slaughter to the final product. This ensures that the entire process is carried out in accordance with Islamic dietary laws and that the meat is free from any prohibited substances or contaminants. As a result, New Zealand’s halal meat products are highly regarded by Muslim consumers around the world.

New Zealand’s halal meat industry is also committed to sustainability and animal welfare. The country’s farmers take pride in their ability to raise healthy and happy animals, and this is reflected in the high quality of their meat products. In addition, New Zealand’s halal meat industry is actively working to reduce its environmental footprint, with a focus on sustainable farming practices and reducing carbon emissions.

New Zealand’s halal meat industry is an important contributor to the country’s agricultural sector and a major supplier of halal meat products to Muslim countries around the world. With a strong commitment to quality, sustainability, and animal welfare, New Zealand’s halal meat products are highly regarded by consumers worldwide. As the global demand for halal meat continues to grow, New Zealand is well positioned to meet this demand and continue to be a leading exporter of halal meat for years to come.

What is Halal?

> Islamic Method Of Slaughtering

Islamic law requires that animals intended for human consumption be slain in a certain manner. Halal slaughter is one of the more humane methods available to the meat industry and the only method acceptable for Muslim consumers. The conditions for Halal slaughter can be summarized as follows:

Customary and Desirable Practices When Slaughtering

Storage, Processing and Transport of Halal Meat

How much new zealand meat is “Halal”, and why?

While there are no official statistics on halal production in New Zealand, nearly all of New Zealand’s red meat export slaughter premises are certified to undertake slaughter in compliance with halal requirements. This gives the New Zealand red meat industry the flexibility to export different cuts from a single carcass to the best-returning markets. The industry currently serves some 120 markets worldwide.

Who decides if new zealand meat is labelled “Halal”?

There are two main reasons for New Zealand companies to obtain halal certification and labelling of meat before it is exported:

  1. the importing country (typically in the Middle East and South East Asia) requires it as a compulsory market access condition, or
  2. the end-customer requests it for their own commercial reasons.

In countries where halal certification and labelling is not a compulsory requirement, the decision is often the retailer’s, as New Zealand meat is often not exported in ‘retail-ready’ form. The final packaging is generally done by the retailer in the market. Whatever the labelling of New Zealand lamb or beef, consumers can be assured that the animal will have been stunned before slaughter and die without pain.

Who says it’s halal?

New Zealand has the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand Inc. (FIANZ) which ensures that all meat exports from New Zealand accompanied with a Halal Certificate issued by the Federation, to any part of the world, are guaranteed Halal.

The Federation is the sole certifier for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait. Large quantities of meat certified Halal by the Federation is also exported to other countries in the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, South Africa and Asia.

Who performs the halal Slaughter?

New Zealand has developed regulatory standards for Halal meat production. These standards are administered Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), which is the Government regulatory agency that also administers New Zealand’s food safety regulatory framework. All New Zealand processing plants, including those that undertake halal slaughter, have MPI veterinarians on-site who monitor slaughter and processing operations.

The Halal regulatory framework for Halal meat production sets out the standards and requirements for:
• Halal auditing and certification agencies (Approved Halal Organisations)
• Halal Slaughtermen
• Halal systems at processing plants

Approved Halal Organisations (AHOs) that undertake halal auditing and certification must be approved by MPI, and their auditing and certification staff must meet a number of competency requirements including NZQA unit standards.

Anyone who undertakes halal slaughter (halal slaughterman) must also meet a number of competency requirements including NZQA unit standards that cover knowledge of Shariah Law; knowledge of stock recovery; knife handling and sharpening skills; hygiene and food safety and work safety.

Plants that undertake halal slaughter must be listed by MPI and operate under halal programmes that set out how the plant will undertake halal processing. The plants must ensure that the halal programmes are consistent with all other regulatory requirements, including those covering food safety and animal welfare. Halal programmes must approved by an AHO and must be registered with MPI.

I had a look at a few slaughterhouses in NZ, and all of them have Halal slaughtermen employed, all MUST be practising Muslims with knowledge of halal procedures. An Example of an Ad is below.

What are the animal welfare requirements for animal slaughter in new zealand?

It is compulsory for all animals to be stunned before commercial slaughter in New Zealand. Stunning ensures an immediate loss of consciousness to prevent animals from feeling any pain during the slaughter process. The requirement for animals to be stunned prior to slaughter is contained in the Animal Welfare (Commercial Slaughter) Code of Welfare 2018, which is available on the Ministry for Primary Industries website.

In New Zealand there is no exemption to the requirement for pre-slaughter stunning, unlike in some other countries. Halal slaughter requires that the animal dies from the “halal cut” to the throat, i.e. that the pre-slaughter stun is not powerful enough to kill the animal. In premises that undertake halal slaughter in New Zealand, reversible electrical stunning is used to ensure that animals are rendered unconscious instantaneously and remain unconscious at the time of slaughter, thus complying with both animal welfare and halal requirements.


How to check if a product is Halal from New Zealand?

In order to check if a supermarket lamb product is halal, you need to look for 2 things, the first is a ID code, for example, MEXX, you also want to make sure the item is vacuum packed as there is no chance of any doubt with contamination with non halal items.

Here we see the code ME26, using the table below (which shows A list of New Zealand-approved products that are halal) search for ME26, it shows Silver Fern Farms Limited.

If we search for Silver Fern Farms Limited, we find on their website the following in their FAQ.

Here are some more examples

ME188 leads us to CMP RANGITIKEI LIMITED, which trades as ANZCO FOODS RANGITIKEI. Who have a halal certificate on their website.

ME39 leads to AFFCO New Zealand Limited who have a halal sign on their website.

A list of New Zealand-approved animal products halal premises

Identifier/CodeCompany NameSpeciesProcessApproved Halal OrganisationAddressCity
170Bakels Edible Oils (NZ) LimitedBeefProcessNZIDT5 Hutton PlaceMOUNT MAUNGANUI
BOSTOCK1Bostock Brothers LimitedPoultrySlaughter, ProcessHCS30B James Rochfort PlaceHASTINGS
BPW41Silver Fern Farms Limited - Hawera By-ProductsBeefProcessNZIDTTawhiti RoadHAWERA
CANBIL777Canterbury Biltong LimitedBeefProcessNZIDT59 Kennaway Road, WoolstonCHRISTCHURCH
DSP12Progressive Meats LimitedBeef, Deer, Goat, SheepSlaughterNZIDT118 Kelfield PlaceHASTINGS
HS15Graeme Lowe Tannery Limited trading as Graeme Lowe HastingsBeefProcessNZIDT501 Coventry RoadHASTINGS
HS157The Tasman Tanning Company LimitedBeefProcessNZIDT325 Heads RoadWANGANUI
MCS1CSI Foods Trading Limited t/a Greenmount FoodsBeef, Sheep, Young calvesProcessFIANZ, NZIDT12 Jean Batten DriveMOUNT MAUNGANUI
ME9Silver Fern Farms Limited - HaweraBeefSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTTawhiti RoadHAWERA
ME15Silver Fern Farms Limited - BelfastBeefSlaughter, ProcessFIANZ, NZIDTFactory RoadBELFAST
ME17Alliance Group LimitedSheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTBridge RoadTIMARU
ME18Alliance Group LimitedBeef, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTWorks Road, Pukeuri JunctionOAMARU
ME21Alliance Group LimitedBeefSlaughter, ProcessFIANZ, NZIDT1 McQueen AvenueMATAURA
ME23AFFCO New Zealand LimitedBeef, Young calvesSlaughter, ProcessNZIDTState Highway 1HOROTIU
ME23AFFCO New Zealand LimitedSheepProcessNZIDTState Highway 1HOROTIU
ME26Silver Fern Farms Limited - FinegandBeef, SheepSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTYorston RoadBALCLUTHA
ME32AFFCO New Zealand LimitedBeefSlaughterNZIDTCampbell RoadFEILDING
ME34Silver Fern Farms Limited - PareoraBeef, Goat, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTThe AvenuePAREORA
ME39AFFCO New Zealand LimitedSheep, Young calvesSlaughterNZIDTImlay PlaceWANGANUI
ME40Alliance Group LimitedSheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTMain Road, StokeNELSON
ME42AFFCO New Zealand LimitedBeef, Goat, SheepSlaughterNZIDT86 Hunter Brown StreetWAIROA
ME43Riverlands Eltham LimitedBeef, Young calvesSlaughterNZIDTLondon StreetELTHAM
ME47AFFCO New Zealand LimitedBeef, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughter, ProcessNZIDTMain RoadMOEREWA
ME50Alliance Group LimitedBeef, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughter, ProcessFIANZ, NZIDTRapid No 205, StateUNDERWOOD
ME52Silver Fern Farms Limited - PacificBeefSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTRangitane Road, WhakatuHASTINGS
ME56AFFCO New Zealand LimitedBeef, Goat, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughterNZIDTState Highway 2, RangiuruTE PUKE
ME58Silver Fern Farms Limited - TakapauGoat, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTFraser RoadTAKAPAU
ME58Silver Fern Farms Limited - TakapauBeefProcessFIANZ, NZIDTFraser RoadTAKAPAU
ME66CMP Kokiri LimitedBeef, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTMain RoadKOKIRI
ME70CMP Marlborough LimitedBeefSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTAlabama RoadBLENHEIM
ME77Fresh Meats NZ LimitedSheepSlaughter, ProcessFIANZ11-15 Mersey StreetNAPIER
ME78CMP Canterbury LimitedBeef, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTRD 7, Seafield RoadASHBURTON
ME80Blue Sky Meats (N.Z.) LimitedGoat, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughterNZIDTWaituna School Road, RD 1, Morton MainsINVERCARGILL
ME82Greenlea Premier Meats LimitedBeefSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTStudholme StreetMORRINSVILLE
ME82Greenlea Premier Meats LimitedYoung calvesSlaughter, ProcessFIANZ, NZIDTStudholme StreetMORRINSVILLE
ME84Silver Fern Farms Limited - Te ArohaBeefSlaughter, ProcessFIANZ, NZIDTStanley RoadTE AROHA
ME86Taylor Preston LimitedBeef, Goat, SheepSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTKiwi Point, Centennial Drive, Ngauranga Gorge, JohnsonvilleWELLINGTON
ME87Progressive Meats LimitedGoat, SheepSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDT
ME100Silver Fern Farms Limited - WaitoaBeef, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTWood RoadWAITOA
ME102Silver Fern Farms Limited - WaitotaraGoat, SheepSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTWaiinu Beach RoadWAITOTARA
ME103Auckland Meat ProcessorsBeef, Goat, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughter, ProcessFIANZ851 Great South RoadAUCKLAND
ME104Te Kuiti Meat Processors LimitedGoat, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDT85 Ahuroa Road, RD 2TE KUITI
ME112Silver Fern Farms Limited - WaitaneBeef, Goat, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTSaleyards RoadGORE
ME118Crusader Meats New ZealandGoat, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ979 State Highway 30BENNEYDALE
ME119Riverlands Manawatu LimitedBeefSlaughterNZIDTFerry RoadBULLS
ME124Greenlea Premier Meats LimitedBeefSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTGreenlea LaneHAMILTON
ME125Silver Fern Farms Limited - DargavilleBeefSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTTuna StreetDARGAVILLE
ME127UBP LimitedBeefSlaughterFIANZWaitete RoadTE KUITI
ME128Ovation New Zealand LimitedGoat, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDT63 Kawakawa RoadFEILDING
ME130Ovation New Zealand LimitedGoat, SheepSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDT113 Dunstan Road, RD 1GISBORNE
ME134Alliance Group LimitedSheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTCarlson StreetDANNEVIRKE
ME136Alliance Group LimitedBeef, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTCorner Hokio Beach Road & Hamaria RoadLEVIN
ME137Lean Meats Oamaru LimitedBeef, Goat, Sheep, Young calvesSlaughter, ProcessFIANZ, NZIDT7 Redcastle RoadOAMARU
ME137Lean Meats Oamaru LimitedFats and oils, GelatineProcessFIANZ, NZIDT7 Redcastle RoadOAMARU
ME188CMP Rangitikei LimitedSheepSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTState Highway 1,BULLS
ME500CMP Rakaia LimitedSheep, Young calvesSlaughterFIANZ, NZIDTKnyvetts Road, RD 13
NZCC88NZCC LimitedSheepProcessNZIDT
PH16Prepared Foods Processing LimitedBeef, Goat, Poultry, SheepProcessHCS, NZIDT15 Makomako RoadPALMERSTON NORTH
PH30Progressive Meats LimitedBeef, Deer, Goat, SheepProcessFIANZ, NZIDT118 Kelfield PlaceHASTINGS
PH31Ovation New Zealand LimitedSheepProcessNZIDT10 Cook StreetWAIPUKURAU
PH71Progressive Meats LimitedGoat, SheepProcessFIANZ, NZIDT118 Kelfield PlaceHASTINGS
PH134McCallum Industries Limited ProcessBeef, SheepProcessFIANZ
PH173ANZCO Foods Green IslandBeef, SheepProcessFIANZ
PH367Venison Packers Feilding LimitedDeer, Goat, SheepSlaughter, ProcessNZIDTKawakawa RoadFEILDING
PH479Comgroup NZ Limited t/aBeefProcessNZIDT13 Adams DrivePUKEKOHE
PH498Kisco Foods International LimitedBeef, Young calvesProcessFIANZ6 Vulcan Place, MiddletonCHRISTCHURCH
PH500Back Country Foods LimitedBeef, SheepProcessFIANZ150 Otepuni Avenue, 122 Rockdale RoadINVERCARGILL 9812
PH635ANZCO Foods Waitara LimitedBeef, Deer, Goat, Poultry, SheepProcessNZIDT1 Stafford StreetWAITARA 4320
PPH8Inghams Enterprises (NZ) Pty LimitedPoultrySlaughter, ProcessFIANZ624 Waihekau Road, RD 1WAITOA 3380
PPH16Tegel Foods LimitedPoultrySlaughter, ProcessHCS112 Carmen Road, HornbyCHRISTCHURCH
PPH26Tegel Foods LimitedSlaughter, Process
PPH36Tegel Foods LimitedSlaughter, Process
R795Canary Enterprises LimitedFats and oilsProcessNZIDT33 Kaimiro Street, Te RapaHAMILTON
SBP1AFFCO New Zealand Limited trading as Renco New ZealandBeef, Goat, Sheep, Young calvesProcessNZIDT10 London StreetELTHAM
SPM51South Pacific Meats LimitedSheep, Young calvesSlaughterNZIDT86 Kekeno Place, AwaruaINVERCARGILL
SPM135South Pacific Meats LimitedSlaughterNZIDT
TBE1Taranaki Bio Extracts LimitedBeef, Deer, SheepProcessNZIDTOKAIAWA

Ministry for Primary Industries https://www.mpi.govt.nz/dmsdocument/1036-New-Zealand-approved-animal-products-halal-premises-excluding-dairy

What other benefits are there?

My research into Lamb from New Zealand has revealed that the quality is of a high standard. Of course, in the UK, in particular farms in Wales produce good quality lamb, but the issue is your local halal “butcher” (I say butcher, most have no knowledge or qualifications), can’t tell you any information about the providence of their meat. Believe me, I’ve asked only to be replied back with a blank stare.

Lamb from New Zealand is Free Range, livestock are raised on clean, open pastures. New Zealand’s temperate climate provides optimal health conditions to support free range animals.

Livestock are raised in green pastures eating what is most natural to them – grass. Natural grass, hay or silage is the feed of choice for our cattle and sheep. Livestock are not grain-fed.

Cattle are raised without being fed or dosed with artificial hormones that promote unnatural growth within the animal. This hormone growth promotant free stance gives farmers, staff and customers around the world reassurance that they and their children are not eating hormonally manipulated product. Livestock undergo a minimum stand-down period of 60 days from any antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics are only used in selective cases where the health and well being of the animal necessitates it, and the stand-down period ensures there are no residual traces remaining in the meat.

Source: https://www.affco.co.nz/international-domestic-sales/product-benefits/

But its coming from New Zealand, that’s bad for the planet!

Many farms aim for Net Carbon Zero when producing their products. For the USA market, he total emissions generated by each pound/kilogram of product are independently measured and certified across the whole life of the product, from farm to the consumers plate in the USA, including disposal of the packaging.

More than 95 percent of emissions from Net Carbon Zero beef occur on farm. The transport and packaging are therefore very minor contributors to the overall carbon footprint but are still fully accounted for and offset via removals on the farms the animals were raised.

Source: https://us.silverfernfarms.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions



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  1. There is one major thing missing, none of the certificates or info mention anything about the type of slaughter, ie stunning or non stunning.

    This is very important.

  2. If you read what it says above it is law that all animals are stunned prior to slaughter. Even animals that are for halal are stunned first so they are not in pain while bleeding out.


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