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The Banc


I had the opportunity to dine at this restaurant, which I first visited back in 2015 when it was one of the few premium halal establishments available. However, since then, the culinary scene has evolved, and the restaurant now finds itself amidst a sea of similar establishments offering the same style of food.

Here’s what I ate.

Banc Money Bags £12
Chicken Lollipops £11
Wagyu Beef Sliders (3) £10

Rib Eye Steak £42
Fusion Grill £25
Handcut Chips £5
Mac & Cheese £6

Mousse Au Chocolat £10
Queen Of Hearts £10

Matrix £8.50
Virgin Colada £8.50

Let me delve into the specific dishes I tried. The “Banc Money Bags” priced at £12 were a nice start to the meal. The steamed buns were wonderfully soft, and the slow-cooked beef brisket filling inside was flavorful and enjoyable. Moving on, the Wagyu Beef Sliders priced at £10 for three sliders were a highlight. The beef was succulent, and the sliders were a delightful treat for the taste buds. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the chicken lollipops. Priced at £11, they were dry and had an unpleasant taste, as if they were cooked using old oil.

The disappointment continued with the Rib Eye Steak, priced at a staggering £42. The steak turned out to be excessively salty, with some bites being practically inedible. Additionally, the cut of the steak was disappointingly thin, not living up to the expectations that accompany such a hefty price tag. Similarly, the “fusion grill” dish priced at £25 failed to impress. Both the lamb and chicken had the same marinade, resulting in a lack of distinction in taste. Furthermore, the lamb fillet lacked flavor, further contributing to the overall disappointment.


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Moving on to dessert, the strawberry mille-feuilles fell short of expectations. Priced at £10, the pastry was hard and overly thick, failing to achieve the delicate balance expected from a mille-feuille. The cream lacked flavour and had an unfortunate resemblance to cheap squirty cream from a can. However, the Mousse Au Chocolat offered a more satisfying end to the meal.

The drinks at The Banc were notably expensive, with mocktails priced at £8.50 each. Unfortunately, the “matrix” drink I tried was unbalanced and contained an excessive amount of ice, compromising the overall flavour. The Virgin Colada, priced at the same amount, stood out as the only drink I truly enjoyed.

In terms of ambience, The Banc boasts a stylish decor that makes it an appealing venue for special occasions. The service provided by the staff was commendable, contributing to a pleasant dining experience. Additionally, the presence of a free car park located just 90 seconds away, on a school playground, adds convenience for patrons.

However, despite these positive aspects, the overall disappointment lay in the food. The luxurious interior may impress some, but it only served to accentuate the lack of quality in the dishes. The Banc falls short when it comes to delivering exceptional culinary experiences, and no amount of fancy decor can mask the fact that the food served here is, at best, average.



The Banc
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