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As a seasoned food blogger fortunate enough to have dined at well over 1000 restaurants in the span of 10 years, I thought I had experienced it all. Yet, Toba managed to surprise me in the most delightful way possible, serving up some of the finest and most cherished dishes I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

Toba brings a taste of Indonesia to London from Chef Pino who owns a street food spot in Camden @pinoswarung a spot I loved when I visited after coming back to London from my travels in visited when only outdoor places were the only things open during lockdown 2.

I was in Indonesia for over a month during the start of the pandemic in 2021 and got to experience the authentic flavours of the rich culture 1st hand from different islands in the country. I love the food there so was really excited to try the first Indonesian restaurant in London. 


Lets talk about the food!

Sate Ayam £11.50

Our culinary journey began with their irresistible Chicken Satay. What immediately caught our attention was their choice of using tender chicken thighs, resulting in a succulent and juicy bite. But Toba took it a step further, presenting the skewers of grilled chicken generously coated in their homemade peanut sauce and kecap manis. It was a stroke of brilliance. With each bite, we savoured the succulent and juicy chicken, enhanced by the nutty and slightly sweet flavours of the sauce. It was a harmonious combination that left us wanting more.

Every morsel of chicken was infused with delectable flavours, ensuring that each mouthful was an absolute delight. The succulence of the chicken, the char from the grill, and the richness of the sauce came together in a marriage of flavours that left us longing for more.

While I sat, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the mains, the aromas wafting from the kitchen filled the restaurant and transported me to the streets of Indonesia, igniting memories of vibrant flavours and mouthwatering food.

Gulai Kambing £18

Ladies and Gents, you know I don’t hype places and give out 10’s but this dish right here scores a rare 10/10. This Indonesian Lamb Curry was an extraordinary culinary experience. The lamb shank itself was a revelation. Cooked to perfection, it was incredibly tender, practically melting in my mouth with each bite. However, what truly elevated this dish was the remarkable sauce that the lamb bathed in, bursting with an explosion of flavours, it was a symphony of spices and aromatics that makes me want to sing from the rooftops.

The taste reminded me of a Thai red curry, but with an intensified and more complex profile. The depth of flavour was unparalleled, leaving a lasting impression on my taste buds. This dish was a pure joy to eat and had me smiling with each bite, when I try food at a restaurant, I dream about dishes that can blow me away, this one did – 10/10 – faultless. 

As a seasoned food blogger and world traveller, I can confidently say that this dish ranks among the best I have ever had. It was a true masterpiece that showcased the richness and finesse of Indonesian cuisine. 

Beef Rendang £16.50

Beef Rendang is my all-time favourite meal, when I was travelling around Malaysia and Indonesia a few years ago I was eating eat everywhere. The slow cooking process of six hours truly worked wonders, resulting in layers upon layers of rich and complex flavours. The sweetness from the toasted coconut added a delightful touch, while the subtle heat from the chillies danced on my tongue. The meat itself was incredibly tender, practically melting in my mouth with each bite. The effort put into the slow cooking was evident in the depth of flavour and the tenderness of the beef. It was a true culinary delight that left me longing for more, I just wish there was more of it.

Mie Tek Tek Jawa £14

The next dish we tried was Mie Tek Tek Jawa, fried noodles with chicken and beef and honestly, I didn’t think every dish could be as amazing as the ones before. But let me tell you, when my friend and I took our first bites together, we couldn’t help but burst into laughter – how was everything we ate so good?! I mean, seriously, these noodles were next-level delicious. They had this incredible mix of sweetness, heat, and an overall fantastic flavour that blew me away. I have to say, hands down, they were the best noodles I’ve had. I was totally hooked from that very first bite.

Terong Balado £11
I’ve never had Grilled aubergine cooked like this another delicious dish, the spicy sauce had some lovely flavours.

From the moment the first plate was set before me, it was clear that Toba’s culinary prowess was unparalleled. Each mouthful was a melody of flavors, a masterful blend of aromatic herbs, vibrant spices, and the sheer passion that goes into creating authentic Indonesian cuisine. With every bite, I found myself transported back to the bustling streets of Jakarta, the serene beauty of Bali, and the rich cultural tapestry that defines this diverse nation.

Toba’s food was not just nourishment for the body but a true feast for the senses. Each dish was meticulously crafted, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to showcasing the best of Indonesian culinary traditions. Whether it was the fragrant rendang, tender and succulent, or the fiery sambal that danced on my tongue, the skill and care put into each creation were evident.

But what truly set Toba apart was the way in which they managed to infuse their dishes with a sense of joy. The food here was more than sustenance; it was an experience that brought smiles to the faces of all who indulged. Every bite was an adventure, a voyage through the diverse flavours of Indonesia, leaving me eagerly anticipating the next culinary surprise that awaited.

As I write this review, I can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for stumbling upon Toba. It has reminded me why I fell in love with food in the first place and reignited my passion for exploring new culinary horizons. Toba is not just a restaurant; it is a celebration of Indonesian cuisine, a testament to the incredible flavours that this nation has to offer.

If you’re seeking an extraordinary dining experience that will transport you to the heart of Indonesia and leave you with a smile on your face, look no further than Toba. Be prepared to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other, where each mouthful is a delight and every dish is crafted with love. Toba is a hidden gem that deserves to be celebrated, cherished, and, above all, savoured.

This meal just made me fall in love with food, it was a delight and joy to eat. The restaurant itself has a cosy, modern and unpretentious atmosphere. Chef Pino was working hard in the kitchen but also taking time to talk to his guests, creating a feeling of eating at someone’s home.

I also liked that they hold back on spices and heat, they proudly embrace bold flavours and deliver an experience that stays true to the traditional roots of their cuisine. They don’t shy away from the authentic intensity, allowing you to savour the true essence of their dishes. It’s a refreshing departure from the mainstream, providing an unforgettable dining experience for those seeking an unapologetically spicy and authentic culinary journey.

If there’s one restaurant you visit, make sure it’s this. Get that lamb shank curry and go to bed dreaming about it as I did (Yes, I really did have a dream about it)

All Food is Halal. There is Alcohol served.

8.9 / 10 Halal Food Guy
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  1. I had a great experience at Toba Halal Indonesian Restaurant! The food was flavorful, authentic, and delicious. I especially loved the chicken satay, lamb shank curry, beef rendang, and fried noodles. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and the staff is friendly. I would highly recommend Toba to anyone looking for a delicious and authentic Indonesian dining experience.”



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