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Meet Bros


Paddington is known for one type of restaurant, Malaysian It is the home of so many great spots all of which are part of a community, but MeetBros is slightly different. Think of it as a Malaysian-owned steak house with a “Western” menu set inside a former Lebanese-themed restaurant. 

The menu actually has a wide variety with a focus on Italian classics like Salads, Pizza and pasta – but there are also Burgers, Steaks and dishes from Southeast Asia.  

The underground setting, inherited from its Lebanese predecessor, transports diners to a captivating cave, adorned with materials and features imported from a charming Lebanese village. It sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.



Meet Bros Spring Rolls – £10

Our evening began on a delightful note with these crispy pastry rolls stuffed with BBQ Angus beef and melted cheese. The flavours melded beautifully, earning a solid 9/10.

Duck Pancakes – £14
While the idea was promising, the duck turned out a bit dry and the hoisin sauce lacked the punch we expected. A suggestion for improvement would be to ensure the duck stays moist and the sauce gets that extra kick. 6/10

White Prawns – £15
Sautéed to perfection in a delectable sambal sauce, these prawns were a highlight. I liked the addition of the Fried Mantao, my first time trying one, it’s basically like a deep-fried bao bun 8/10.

Thai Style Beef Salad – £18

The sirloin steak in this salad was slightly overcooked, making it tough to chew. A bit more attention to steak doneness would elevate this dish. 6/10


Mushrooms Truffle Pasta – £18

Although we anticipated a more robust truffle flavour, the pasta was subtly seasoned with truffle oil. To enhance the dish, a bolder truffle presence is recommended. 7/10

Main Courses

BBQ Sesame Chilli Boneless Beef Short Ribs – £25

The succulent ribs bathed in a flavorful sauce were a hit, though the accompanying salad felt superfluous. A suggestion would be to reconsider the presentation to let the ribs shine. 8.5/10

Lobster Curry Noodles – £40

While the lobster was perfectly cooked, the coconut broth could benefit from more depth and bold Malaysian flavours. A little more assertiveness in the seasoning would make this dish truly exceptional. 7/10

Beef Ribs Biryani – £32
While the beef was flavorful and tender, the rice lacked the authentic spices found in traditional Biryani. Incorporating those spices would take this dish to the next level. 7.5/10

Lamb Shank – £32

Regrettably, this particular dish proved to be a letdown. The lamb did not exhibit the desired tenderness one might expect, failing to achieve the characteristic of effortlessly falling off the bone – which I know is not an indication of taste. I found it notably tough, suggestive of potentially being prepared from the previous day. The flavours of miso and aubergine just didn’t work. 3 of us and no one wanted more than one bite, sadly went to waste. 3/10


MeetBros prides itself on an extensive selection of steaks from around the world, There’s a freezer that houses all of the different cuts and types of steak that you can see in the restaurant, with cuts imported from all over the world, and there are steaks from Australia, Argentina, Ireland and of course the UK. 

Wagyu Striploin – £75

Wagyu Striplon from Australia, comes with an MBS score of 4 to 5, and in the world of Wagyu, those numbers matter. MBS, or Marbling Score, essentially quantifies how much marbling and fat are present in your precious steak, ranging up to 9, That low MBS number doesn’t quite cut it for me.

In the land of steak, Wagyu holds an almost mythical status. It’s often envisioned as a transcendent experience, where every bite should be as effortless as a hot knife gliding through butter, delivering a sublime, buttery soft texture and an explosion of flavor. The reality, however, can sometimes fall short of this heavenly promise.

The Wagyu Striplon steak I encountered fell into this trap and the first slice hinted at an impending letdown. When I sank my teeth into it, I anticipated a melty, succulent masterpiece. What I got was quite the opposite—a chewy, unremarkable affair that left me yearning for that expected richness of taste.

To make matters worse, the price tag didn’t align with the experience. When you’re shelling out a significant sum for a steak, you anticipate a flavour explosion that justifies every penny spent. Regrettably, this Wagyu Striplon failed to deliver that value for money. 5/10

T-bone Steak – £40

The T-bone steak is sourced from Ireland and is also HMC certified, had potential but suffered from uneven cooking. Consistency in preparation would elevate this choice. 7/10

Steaks are priced by weight, so the price you see on the menu is a guide if you see £28 for 100g – an average steak is 250g so that’s £28×2.5 which is around £70


Fried Banana Fritters – £13.20

Kataifi Wrap Banana, Palm Sugar, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & Candied Nuts – it was nice to see a classic Malaysian dessert on the menu, The addition of a Kataifi Wrap (which is a very fine vermicelli-like pastry used in Middle Eastern cuisines) was a great twist. 8/10

Chocolate Fondant – £10

With a gooey centre and rich chocolate taste, this dessert provided a satisfying conclusion to our meal. 8/10


MeetBros offers an array of fruity cocktails, though some might need a more complex flavour profile.

I tried a range of different drinks – here’s what i tried. 

Lychee Mojito £11 Lime, Lychee, Fresh Mint, Soda, Palm Sugar , 

Passionata £11, Fresh Passion Fruit Pulp, Rosemary, Pineapple Juice, Forest Honey

Watermelon cooler £12, Ice Blended Lychee, Watermelon, Lemon Juice, Mint Leaves

Assamenta £11 Green Apple, Soda, Fresh Mint, Sour Plum, Mento Cubano

For me the drinks didn’t live up to the price tag, it was just sweet, fruity and fizzy – nothing to take it to the next level like an ingredient or flavour that develops over time.  

Final Thoughts

MeetBros offers a diverse culinary journey, where Malaysian influences meet the sophistication of a steakhouse. While some dishes shine brilliantly, others have room for improvement. The steaks, in particular, didn’t fully meet our expectations. However, with a varied menu and unique ambience, it’s a place worth exploring, especially if you’re searching for a fusion dining experience.

The restaurant is fully halal with no alcohol on the menu and offers a nice prayer space as well, so you don’t miss out on prayers. 

Whether you’re a fan of Malaysian cuisine or simply looking for something different, MeetBros is a destination worth considering. The crowning glory of this establishment undeniably lies in its decor. MeetBros’ captivating and unique ambience, reminiscent of an enchanting underground cave, sets it apart as a truly remarkable dining destination.

(Note: This meal was complimentary, unable to give a true representation of the service as we were looked after by the operations manager for this review)

Address29-31 Craven Rd, London W2 3BX

Meet Bros
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