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Dubai Burger Special


I recently went to Dubai, a place that has never appealed to me, if i travel I like going to places with rich history, culture and good food which is why I have been to Thailand and Malaysia so many times. But I also have an unhealthy addiction to Burgers and Dubai seems to have more burger places than skyscrapers so i made a quick week trip and challenged myself to eat as many burgers as i could!

Prior to the visit i had been on an intense diet and exercise plan and for the previous 12 weeks eaten pretty much healthy food in that time. Which meant that I was REALLY craving junk.

So here’s what happened..

Day One

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

My first burger stop in Dubai was Five Guys for an early lunch, which I was looking forward to as I heard a lot of good things. Pick and choose what toppings you want. I opted for a Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions and mayo.

fiveGuys_5312 x 2988

First impressions weren’t great, it looked like cheap fast food, but that didn’t alter my expectations. My first bite and I can still remember the disappointment that I experienced. All that hype and praise left me thinking what were people on about? I’m not one that goes with the majority or falls into peer pressure so I’ll say it, this was the worst burger I had in dubai. I can easily say that i’ve had better burgers from a kebab shop, there was absolutely NOTHING good about this burger. Why was this place getting so much praise? I left this place bewildered and disappointed.

Burger Price: £8
Rating: 4/10
Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Dubai Marina Mall), Sheikh Zayed Rd


Salt Burger

Next stop that day was a visit to Salt Burger which I knew was a food truck, somewhere by the beach. After that disappointing Five Guys burger I was hopping for something better. After driving around in my hire car for a bit I found Salt.

salt_2_5312 x 2988

The location is a bit tricky to find but it’s on the beach and the first thing you feel is the cool cat vibe and atmosphere, it feels touristy but in a good way, the way that you know people have had to find and seek out a gem in a city of tall buildings and fast cars you find a humble food truck by the beach.

salt_1_5312 x 2988

Menu is simple, I opted for a single Hook burger, I didn’t realise that you get 2 burgers. In fact it’s not just beef, is wagyu beef. The burger is simple, melted cheese, “hook” salt, jalapenos and lettuce.

The verdict – It was fantastic! The taste of the wagyu beef was out of this world, what i loved was the simpleness of the burger. No gimmicks, no silly extras they let the taste and flavours of the meat to the talking. Everything about this place was brilliant, food, vibe location. This definitely put me in a better mood after the poor start of the day.

Burger Price: £7 (2 burgers)
Rating: 10/10
Address: 70 2 C Street – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Day 2

Jones The Grocer

Before i left for Dubai I asked around and wanted to know what people recommended based on their experience, but I also wanted to try places that people didn’t mention either. After some research I found a place that was getting a lot of good reviews but no one had suggested or mentioned.

jones_3_5312 x 2988

One of the reason why i wanted to go here was because they had a wagyu burger on the menu. The place itself is like a high end cafe mixed inside a fancy supermarket.

Anyway, Inevitably I ordered the wagyu beef burger. The burger was made with freshly minced and marinated wagyu, it also came with beef bacon and some mixed Leaf salad served in a brioche bun. I was very impressed with the look of the burger it came sliced in half which allowed me to see the contents and made eating a little bit easier due to the size. The patty was thick juicy and the taste of the wagyu came through but not as much as the Salt burger the day before.

jones_1_5312 x 2988

jones_2_5312-x-2988I also tried the lamb burger and I have to say this was phenomenal! it had an extremely intense flavour of lamb one that I’ve never experienced before it was blended with spices that really complimented that natural taste of lamb.

Price: £16 with chips
Rating: 8/10, the lamb burger gets a 10/10
Address: Indigo Central 8 – Sheikh zayed Road, Opposite time square building.

Elevation Burger and Cali Burger

Later that day, actually it was more closer to midnight I was driving around when i saw Elevation burger and a few doors down was Cali Burger, both places can be put in the fast food category. I parked up and popped in for a quick and I mean quick bite!

Knowing that I was going to eat 2 burgers in a short space of time, I ordered the cheeseburger beef patties cheddar cheese with choice of toppings I went for lettuce tomato onions and caramelized onions with the elevation source the burgers here are organic grass fed beef and ground in on the premises.

evolution_1_5312 x 2988

It was a nice simple burger, it’s fast food but the ingredients were all fresh and it tasted good.

Burger Price: £5.60
Rating: 6.5/10

Cali Burger

After quickly demolishing the burger from elevation I walked a few doors down and popped into Cali burger yes I was just about to eat 2 burgers in a row but I am crazy like that.

cali_2_5312 x 2988

Surprisingly that elevation burger wasn’t too filling and I was looking forward to trying another burger so soon after.  Cali burger has a Surfers beach house kind of vibe to it

Again like the evolution burger it’s Fast Food I went for the humble and simple cheeseburger it was pretty similar to elevation burger but just lacked a punch to it.

It cost €19 which is around £4.

Price: £4
Rating: 5/10

Day 3 –

Burger King

I had a quick burger king double whopper. Cheap and flamed grilled. Not much to say, it’s Burger King and i’m lazy to type more. Okay I’ll type a little more, it looks like a Five Guys burger and tastes a lot better.

burgerKing_5312 x 2988

Price: £3
Rating 7/10

Day 4


I found myself in TGI and going here was never on my list. I ordered the Cowboy Triple meat burger. Burger with tender pieces of slow – cooked BBQ beef, melted Cheddar cheese, and beef bacon piled high with horseradish sauce and crispy frizzled onions. Served with lettuce and freshly sliced tomatoes on a Brioche bun.

tgi_5312 x 2988

At first i was not impressed with the frizzled onions piled on top of the burger and we also had to wait a while for the food to arrive. But i have to say, this was one of the best burgers i ate in Dubai. Triple meat! What’s not to like about that. The flavours and taste that came from slow cooked beef really worked well with the beef patty and the beef bacon. The texture was also good as well, very enjoyable burger.

Price: £10 with fires
Rating: 9/10
Ibn Battuta Mall


Fast food establishment, Ordered the C n Cheese, grass fed beef  Patty was smashed too thin , didn’t like the bun it came in, taste was average.

bf_menu BurgerFuel_5312 x 2988

Price: £6.50
Rating: 5/10
The Walk, opp Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort – Jumeirah Beach Residence

The Counter

Not far from Burger Fuel I saw The Counter, where you can “build” your own burger. I popped in and thought okay, let’s try another burger as that Burgerfuel one didn’t hit the spot. I ended up being uncreative and ordering the Official Counter Burger. First step was to remove those crispy onions rings, what’s the point of them! The beef patty was thick and juicy but at this point i’m on burger overload and I wasn’t that impressed with this one, it was good but nothing to write about.. So i won’t.

theCounter_1_5312 x 2988 theCounter_2_5312 x 2988

Price: £9
Rating: 6.5/10
1402 JBR Walk Jumeirah Beach Residence

Slider Station

This place was on my must list and it took me towards the end of my trip to finally to get there. I heard that this place is always busy, I arrived early for lunch before 1, but it had not opened yet. I went for a walk and came back a few mins after one and already there must of been 8 tables already seated! Slider station is famous for those little red burgers and that was on my hit list to try first.

I did make a little mistake.. I didn’t order enough. Okay i knew it was sliders but i didn’t realise they were so small, the burgers I ordered were bite size, 2 bites and like magic it’s gone.

sliderStation_1_5312 x 2988

That red burger i mentioned.. Well that was a chicken burger named “Dangerous” and my first chicken burger on my trip and wow, it was great. I had an new appreciation for chicken, it tasted better than beef, maybe it was beef overload that made me like this buttermilk fried chicken burger so much

sliderStation_2_5312 x 2988

I also ordered Machine Gun, Wagyu Cheese Steak and Wagyu Portobello. The wagyu burgers were on the expensive side, I think £8 for a tiny burger like that is way too much so it loses points there. But the restaurant has a good vibe to it, i really hope they bring it over to London.

Prices: Dangerous – £4, Machine Gun – £4, Wagyu Cheesesteak £7 and Wagyu Portobello £8.
Rating: 8.5/10
Al Wasl Road

Shake Shack

Like with Five Guys, this place was mentioned and recommend many times. We have a few shake shacks in London, but none are halal, what a shame.. Or is it? No it’s not, because shake shack measured a big fat meh with me. A lot was spoken about Shake Shack, but i really don’t see what the fuss was about. Like Five Guys it was average and on par with ANY random beef burger or ¼ pounder from your nearest PFC. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but basically its fast food, there’s not much taste from the beef or the ingredients.

shakeshack_5312 x 2988

Price: £7
Rating: 6/10
The Dubai Mall


I have to say, by the end of my trip I on on burger overload and nearly sick of them… I lie, I had 2 McDonald’s cheese burgers at the Airport! However, Dubai just has too many burger options, prices are expensive and some fast food chain burgers are pretty standard with regards to price. There are so many options and I tried as many as I could.

By far Salt Burger was the best burger I had, it wasn’t just the burger, it was everything about the place, the vibe and atmosphere was like being on holiday…yes i know I was on holiday but I really felt it there, very relaxed and the burger is simple but brilliant and its £7 for 2 decent sized burgers.

The other non burger places I ate where PFC Changs, Tribes, iHop and Cheese Cake Factory.

Heres a list…

Full List

Salt Burger10
Slider Station8.5
Jones The Grocer8
Elevation Burger7
Burger King7
The Counter6.5
Cali Burger6
Shake Shack5
Five Guys4

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  1. I like to read your blogs but I was very very offended when you said that Dubai lacks in culture, I wish you did your research because Dubai is mostly know for being the most country who practises culture and tradition in the middle east and we never forgot it. I don’t know who recommended these restaurants to you but they did not do a very good job – no offence. Since almost everything you tried is American, no I don’t mean the burger part, I mean the restaurants. Burger King, TGI and Five guys common you can’t review these in Dubai you could have went to New York then. Maybe next time you can ask the locals of the country for cultural restaurants in Dubai. I will let you know we have amazing Traditional Emarati cuisine. For example : You know since dubai is in the desert and well = camels. We have camel burgers that’s something new and unique to review. Do you get my point? I don’t mean to be harsh or rude it’s just the beginning was very very offensive. Thankyou for taking your time reading this. Excuse my punctuation✨?


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