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The Best Halal Steaks in London


Updated: 2 August 2019

When I first started blogging (a good 7 years ago) there were only a handful of places where you could get a steak, back then most of the were overcooked, thin and covered in a sauce.. as that’s the only flavour you were getting – not very good experience, with the exception of a few places this was the norm.

Fast forward to today and there’s loads of choice now. My knowledge of eating, cooking and sourcing steak has also improved. When steaks came into the spotlight it was all about how they are cooked, I moved from the getting steak cooked medium-well to medium rare and the difference in taste was a game-changer.

Now, personality my most important question is WHERE is the steak from. The difference in getting a steak from a farm that looks after its animals and then ages its meat on-site makes so much difference in the flavour and overall experience in eating steak. Ageing steak by at least 21 days increases its flavour its something you should always ask when ordering.

I’ve eaten a lot of steaks and I’ve put together a list of my favourite places that I recommend. I’ve also added places that you should definitely avoid.

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The Best Halal Steaks in London

My Favs

Zelman Meats

When it comes to my favourite places for steak then there are only 2 places. First is one of my favourite discoveries Zelman Meats in Knightsbridge located on the 5th floor inside Harvey Nichols. Soon after I started to blog about this many of you rushed to check it out and it soon became a hit with the halal London foodie. Zelman source quality cuts and cook it to perfection, selling pre-cut steaks per 100g even the lowest price Picanha steak is a joy to eat, I recommend ordering your steak either medium or medium-rare to enjoy it to its max. My Rating 10/10

Meat Co

Located in shepherds Bush, the top floor of meat Co London offers a separate halal menu that boasts loads of different cuts of quality beef. This is the place where I first tried the Wagyu steak, and experience that I still remember 4 years later. At the time it set me back around £60 bit it was worth every bite.

If you don’t fancy spending top dollar then My tip is to visit at lunch and take advantage of the lunch menu that offers a 5oz rump steak, chips and drink for around £13. My Rating 9.5/10



I checked out @fredosldn a fully halal (no alcohol) restaurant located on Romford Road, Manor Park. This place has been opened for a while now but I’ll be honest, I just thought it was another standard place, but I’ll hold my hands up and say I was wrong and I was really impressed with the food

I got the rib eye steak £23 and my bestie got the £21 sirloin steak. I’ll say this now, this was one of the best steaks I’ve had in ages. I requested Medium Rare and ill be honest I wasn’t expected it to be cooked right… But it was on point. The steak was perfectly cooked, juicy, tender and the fat content and marbling was excellent. Which made me ask here they source their steaks from. Well, they get it from @hillfarmfinest a small farm that really raises an animal and produces some quality products that are available for home customers to buy. So this explained why it was so good. Which then made me respect the restaurant more as this was a clear example of getting quality

Cristina’s Steak

Located In Barking, Cristinas has a range of steaks all halal that range in type and price. from hanger, rump, sirloin, fillet, rib-eye and t-bone. From £19 to £29, steaks also come with chips and salad. My Rating 7/10

The Meat House

A proper steak house located in Kings Cross. Its been a while since I’ve been but they do cook and service good steaks here and have a very large menu. My Rating 8/10



An upmarket Turkish joint and serves Thick steaks aged on-site. My Rating 8.5/10

The Banc

One of the first halal places that started serving aged steaks. Years later they still provide excellent service and food. My Rating 7.5/10

SKEWED Kitchen

USDA Prime steaks are available. My Rating 8/10 

Mr Whites English Chophouse

Located in Whitechapel, I recently went and tried the new Delmonico Steak for 2. (Pictured) All steaks are aged for 35 days and grass-fed. My Rating 8/10 


Only been here once but it wasn’t the best steak I had, but I think it was just an off day. Nevertheless, I doubt I’d try it again. My Rating 5/10

Ginza Onodera

I went here to try the set Menu, on that menu was Japanese Wagyu steak. To be honest, I was expecting it to be amazing and melt in your mouth deliciousness, but it was a bit of a letdown.  My Rating 7/10


Cheaper/Low end

Mak Grillz

A burger place that’s does offer up decent quality steaks. Cooking to order is sometimes hit and miss but still worth a try. Sirlion steak £15

My Rating 8/10 


A very underrated place I think, this is the charcoal cooked steak in a Carribean style basting. Pre-cut and delicious. My Rating 9/10 

A cafe in Leyton, I saw they do steaks but not tried one.

Thai n pie
Not tried it.

Bison Angus Grill

Located in Leyton, I went when it first opened and it wasn’t the best, but I know they have changed their menu, So i’ll have to go back and try again.


You can pre-order your steaks in advance in these restaurants. However, I have personally not been to most of these so can’t give you my thoughts.

Maze Grill

Part of the Sunday roast menu when I visited, but halal steak is available.

I have NOT been to the following but based on sources I hear they are all good and offer some Halal options.

JW Steakhouse
M Restaurant (South African Rib Eye)
Cut 45

Not Recommended

These places also serve steak, however, I strongly recommend you don’t waste your time and money by eating here. My thoughts are based on personal experience as well as feedback from trusted friends and followers.


I’m not the biggest fan of this place as I don’t like the cooking method they use. Been twice and not had a good experience on both occasions. Raw steak is common. Avoid

My Rating 3/10 



They may serve an amazing French toast for Brunch but the steak I had here was one of the worst ever. My Rating 2/10 

Steak and Co

It’s Popular for some reason but I don’t get it, I went a while back and maybe it was good then, but fast forward today, I’ll pass. My Rating 5/10 

With the last couple, I haven’t been to them in a long time but based on sources they have not improved their standards and still serve up poorly cooked steak and low-quality beef. You are more than welcome to try it…but why why why would you?
Meat and Shake
Sarha Grill

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