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Steak & Co.


Steak and Co offer only one halal option in the menu. The halal serlion steak. It’s 6 to 8 week wet aged cut from Argentina. @steakandco

You get to pick and choice of butter and seasoning. The steak is served along with a hot stone. You get to cook the steak to how you like it. I like mine rare to medium rare. Whats nice is with the hot stone you are in control of how the meat is cooked.

 It was very juicy, soft and tender. They don’t serve the meat In a sauce or marinade, it’s all about the taste of the aged beef. I also got a side of sweet potatoes fires as well. Very nice.

However, something was missing. I got the 8oz steak, but was still hungry. It didn’t hit the spot for me. The price is £18.95, so it’s on the pricey side. However there are reasons why.

I spoke in depth with manager, who was very passionate about meat in general. It costs a lot to import wet aged meat as it needs to be regulated at a certain temperature to avoid the meat being spoilted by bacteria. Also, he mentioned that last year they only sold 4 halal steaks a week. This year they have sold 3000. Which means that they plan to introduce new Halal options in the next 2 months. So keep an eye out.

*Only one item on the menu is halal

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