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Meat House London


Burgers and Steaks seem to be on the rise and for good reason, the demand for it is growing and the muslim foodie likes a burger! So I was invited to check out Meathouse, a new steakhouse and bar in kings Cross.

Located a few mins walk from Kings Cross station, the restaurant is bright, spacious and has a decor that looks like a tavern or upmarket British gastro pub with open brick work and leather trim.

The restaurant has a bar (yes they serve alcohol) towards the front, it looked clear that the front was housing diners that had alcohol and towards the back is where you found the non alcohol areas, which is where I found myself.



First look at the menu and you can see that there is something for everyone, including seafood options, burgers, wraps, salads and different steaks.


To start the night, I ordered a Strawberry Mojito @ £6.50 it is on the expensive side, but when you factor in the location then you see why and the fact that it was a very good drink, strong flavours, sweet taste and very refreshing made it a good start. 7.5/10


I went for prawn skewers and chicken wings. The chicken wings were grilled then BBQ sauce added on once cooked. Although the portion size was very good, the wings lacked that taste you would expect, they were good but not great. 6/10


The king prawn skewers were well presented and cooked well, with a garlic butter and lemon marinade. 7/10



Here is the hard part, what to order from the range of five different options of steaks, which includes the rare tomahawk steak. I wanted to try a burger as well so i opted for a modest sized 8oz ribeye steak and a beef burger, my friend was brave and ordered the t-bone steak 15oz. All steaks come with a choice of sauce, side and a side of veg.


My Rib eye steak ordered medium rare came served on a wooden board with my chosen side with sweet potato chips which were cut thin. After the steak with through its photo shoot, I cut into my steak for the first inspection – is it medium rare? Well it was a PERFECT medium rare, the outside cooked with a perfect cross hatch burn marks which locked in the flavour of the meat and melted the marbling of fat to create a outer layer of taste. I enjoyed every bite, the seasoning was just right and well, I’m getting hungry as I write this. 9/10

I had a little taste of the t-bone as well, with this large cut of meat there are different textures and tastes as it contains different areas of muscle groups from the meat, so some parts are leaner than others, which produces different tastes. Just like my ribeye this steak was cooked perfectly and tasted brilliant as well 9/10

Perfect Medium Rare

Beef Burger

By this time I was pretty full but left room for that burger, in retrospect I should’ve actually looked at what burgers were on offer and ordered the juicy lucy (as this looked so much better), but i ended up with the classic beef burger. Hard to really give this a review as the rib eye left such a mark on me that the burger had no chance of making some noise. Nevertheless, the burger was solid, cooked well, nice taste of meat came through, a simple and classic burger. 7/10



After having a nice chat with the owner (who was very humble and down to earth) about his ethos and vision for his place we went on to desserts. This is where things got even better.


I ordered the chocolate fondant and my friend the raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake. First, my fondant; rich, sweet and impressive taste. The outer casing was very soft and sliced open with ease letting out the hot dark chocolate. It is very similar to the chocolate fondants from Banana tree. 7/10


Then we have the cheesecake and this was very very good. I was surprised with how good it tasted. It was fresh, creamy and the texture balanced with the soft light cheese layer having a lot of taste. 9/10

All in all, we had a great time eating here at the Meat House London, which has been only open for 3 months at the time of writing. Although the prices of steaks may look expensive when you compare a 8oz ribeye to other places where you can get a aged steak it comes in as one of the most competitive priced as you also get a side. The price point for the burgers for example are reasonable and competitive and suit the area. The mock-tails are on the expensive side and to be honest I wouldn’t recommend getting one due to the high price, but soft drinks and milkshakes are well priced.

Basically I’m saying this is a very good restaurant, good drinks, food and desserts so there really is something for everyone with friendly and efficient service.

What I ordered

Buffalo Wings .................................................... £5.95
King Prawns ...................................................... £7.45
8oz Ribeye Steak ................................................. £17.95
15oz T-Bone ...................................................... £27.95
Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake ......................... £5.50
Chocolate Fondant ................................................. £5.50

I was invited to review and the meal was complimentary 

Meat House London
7.8 / 10 Halal Food Guy
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