Last year a new casual fried chicken restaurant opened up in Baker Street, serving up some chicken burgers that was causing some major hype, I naturally made contact to see if they were halal but was told that they were unable to find a farm that can meet their high standards. So I tried to help and made a few suggestions. They were looking for free range and organic chicken, which means a more expensive product.

Exactly a year later, a little birdy told me they have now found a halal supplier! So I headed down to checked it out.

The place is casual and fast food, it’s an order, pay and pick up buzzer system. The menu is simple, you get a choice a few burgers and there’s also a special available.


As you can see prices are not your chicken cottage prices, but as mentioned above, the quality of the chicken means its more expensive. 1 wing is the price I can get 4 for in my local!

Gangnam Style Burger £8.95

There seems to be a strong Asian theme present in the restaurant, this is a limited edition burger. a double chicken burger with Korean glaze, Sriracha sauce, double cheese and kimchi – loads of bold flavours. This burger was pretty epic and pretty hard for even my big gob to take a bite of!

Cali Hot Chick Burger £6.95

I was expecting a little more from this one, the Guacamole was basic and the flavours too subtle, the chicken was juicy for a breast piece and had good flavour.

Wings n Dat / 3 for £2.95

Okay, maybe not worth a quid for 1! But it was decent.

I’ve kept this review simple and quick, its casual fast food, great for a quick meal after work if you are meeting a mate. Defo recommend trying the limited edition burger. I also tried some of the special fries, really good, but forgot to take a photo!

Really nice to see that a restaurant tried hard to cater for halal eaters.

Halal sign in the Window, the status confirmed by staff. I paid for my meal in full.