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All 123 Places I ate In 2017


2017 was an epic year for me Food wise, with my blog and Instagram growing I ate at more places than ever before. I tried to expand and diversify where I ate as well, I tried places that had no halal options (and enjoyed non-meat), I ate at fancy Michelin starred restaurants to the low end.

Below is to best of my memory (and photos and Google’s location history) a full list of all the places I ate in 2017.

There are many places where I ate more than once. my top 10 is at the end of the list. 1 to 120 are in Alphabetic order, I remembered a few more and added them at the end.

The H next to the restaurant name denotes that *SOME* Halal options are available. Please check and make sure what is Halal and not.
FH Means Everything is Fully Halal
N means No Halal options to my knowledge, but good seafood or vegetarian

Took me ages to write this, please share and show me some love guys!

Restaurants with links have a full review written about them in 2017.

The Full 124 List

1. Amigo Burger FH

2. Anjappar Chettinad FH

3. Azzura N

4. Babaji Pride H

5. Banana Tree H

6. Band of Burgers FH

7. Bengal Cuisine FH

8. Bibigo N

9. Big Easy N

10. Big Moe’s Diner H

11. Bintang Restaurant H

12. Brioche Burger FH

13. Bombay Bustle  H

14. Bone Daddies H

15. Boondocks H

16. Burger UK H

17. Burgeri FH

18. Burgista Bros FH

19. Cafe East H

20. Chai Ki H

21. Chai Naasto FH

22. Chai Thali H

23. Chaiwalla FH

24. Chicken Shop H

25. Cristina’s H

26. Christopher’s H

27. Coco Chino FH

28. CORE by Claire Symth N

29. Darjeeling Express FH

30. De Cafe Lounge FH

31. Drunch Regents Park FH

32. Dum Biryani House FH

33. Efes Restaurant FH

34. Fancy Crab H

35. Fat Joe’s FH

36. Fatboy’s Diner FH

37. Fatburger FH

38. Fire and Stone N

39. Flat Planet N

40. Flavour Bastard N

41. Franzos FH

42. Galvin La Chapelle

43. GDK H

44. German Gymnasium N

45. Gokyuzu FH

46. Gordon Ramsay N

47. Grounded Coffee Company H

48. Guanabana FH

49. Gunpowder N

50. Handmade Burger Company H

51. Hankies Cafe FH

52. Honi Poke FH

53. Hoppers H

54. House of Ho H

55. HS & Co FH

56. Inito H

57. J Sketchy N

58. Jamavar H

59. Johnson’s FH

60. Kiln N

61. Kricket N

62. La Porchetta Pollo Bar N

63. Laz FH

64. Le Bab H

65. Le Rif FH

66. Lokkum Bar and Grill FH

67. Ma Plucker H


68. Madia FH

69. Mak Grillz FH

70. Mango Tree H

71. Marcus H

72. Maze H

73. Meat House FH

74. Meat Liquor H

75. Mem and Laz H

76. Mint Leaf H

77. Moor and Hitch FH

78. Mooshies Vegan Burger V

79. Moral FH

80. Mother Clucker H

81. Needos FH

82. Nusa Dua FH

83. Oliver Maki H

84. Pacana FH


85. Pasha H

86. Pasta Brown N

87. Pastaio N

88. Penang H

89. PF Changs H

90. Pie Factory H

91. Pizza Express H

92. Pizza Hut N

93. Proper Burgers H

94. Saffron Kitchen H

95. Shackfuyu H

96. Shake Shack H

97. Skewd FH

98. Som Saa N

99. Station Cafe FH

100. Sticky Wings FH

101. Suito H

102. Sweet Mile End


103. Talli Joe

104. Tabun Kitchen FH

105. Thai n Pie FH

106. The Banc FH

107. The Barbury N

108. The Great Chase FH

109. The Ledbury N

110. Tommi’s Burger

111. Tuk-tuk Thai Noodle Bar H

112. Tukdin FH

113. TWID N

114. Vijay’s Chawalla V

115. Wagamama N

116. Wing Wing H

117. Zelman Meats H

In true HFG fashion, I remembered a few more after I typed out the whole list!

118. BiRD

119.Hummus Lina

120. Meat Co

121. Marrakech Delight

122. The Westbridge

123. Pilau

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  1. Do you know any nice halal restaurants near Westferry station – will be there a weekend in summer and would like to take the wife for atleast 2 sitdown restaurant / burger meals


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