2017 was an epic year for me Food wise, with my blog and Instagram growing I ate at more places than ever before. I tried to expand and diversify where I ate as well, I tried places that had no halal options (and enjoyed non-meat), I ate at fancy Michelin starred restaurants to the low end.

Below is to best of my memory (and photos and Google’s location history) a full list of all the places I ate in 2017.

There are many places where I ate more than once. my top 10 is at the end of the list. 1 to 120 are in Alphabetic order, I remembered a few more and added them at the end.

The H next to the restaurant name denotes that *SOME* Halal options are available. Please check and make sure what is Halal and not.
FH Means Everything is Fully Halal
N means No Halal options to my knowledge, but good seafood or vegetarian

Took me ages to write this, please share and show me some love guys!

Restaurants with links have a full review written about them in 2017.

The Full 124 List

1. Amigo Burger FH

2. Anjappar Chettinad FH

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Sundays seems to be my Thali day, I ventured down to east ham again where there's a array of authentic Indian restaurants serving up cheap food. I went to anjappar as they are one of the only indian restaurants that serve non meat and is also halal. I went for the chicken Thai, costing £7.99. I was not that impressed with this meal. Chicken was on the bone and was not very fresh. The rest of the items where average apart from one of the daals. The place was pretty empty compared to taste of India or savaan which where buzzing. Lesson learnt. Don't go here for good food. I also tried a dum biryani and keema dosa. Both rubbish. 5/10 over all. #food #foodie #foodgasam #foodpic #foodporn #halalfoodguy #halalfood #halalfoodie #photooftheday #foodreview #instagood #instafood #photooftheday #foodreview #review #foodblog #foodblogger

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3. Azzura N

4. Babaji Pride H

5. Banana Tree H

6. Band of Burgers FH

7. Bengal Cuisine FH

8. Bibigo N

9. Big Easy N

10. Big Moe’s Diner H

11. Bintang Restaurant H

12. Brioche Burger FH

13. Bombay Bustle  H

14. Bone Daddies H

15. Boondocks H

16. Burger UK H

17. Burgeri FH

18. Burgista Bros FH

19. Cafe East H

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Breakfast served in a pan. How hip right. . Been hearing all the talk about @cafeeastbow located On Roman Road, Bethnal Green so I decided to check it out. . You need to request a halal before you order, halal items are cooked in a separate pan away from non halal. I saw with my own 👀 . I wasn't that impressed here. I got a "Easten pan", full English minus a black pudding. I want it to be greasy and filling. This was too clean and didn't hit the spot. I opted for the vegetarian sausage. As you can see from picture you don't get much. . This place is trying to be different being healthy and clean. Also, the place is popular and small, being it's cramped. If you are going in 2s the you have to share tables, you are having breakfast with randoms. 😩

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20. Chai Ki H

21. Chai Naasto FH

22. Chai Thali H

23. Chaiwalla FH

24. Chicken Shop H

25. Cristina’s H

26. Christopher’s H

27. Coco Chino FH

28. CORE by Claire Symth N

29. Darjeeling Express FH

30. De Cafe Lounge FH

31. Drunch Regents Park FH

32. Dum Biryani House FH

33. Efes Restaurant FH

34. Fancy Crab H

35. Fat Joe’s FH

36. Fatboy’s Diner FH

37. Fatburger FH

38. Fire and Stone N

39. Flat Planet N

40. Flavour Bastard N

41. Franzos FH

42. Galvin La Chapelle

43. GDK H

44. German Gymnasium N

45. Gokyuzu FH

46. Gordon Ramsay N

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Swipe right for loads more pictures ⏩⏩⏩⏩ . In case you missed my Instagram Story here are some images from my visit to Gordon Ramsey's 3 michelin star Restaurant in Chelsea. Unfortunately there are no halal options, but there's only one lamb dish as the menu focuses on sustainable food and ingredients . The service was world class and unlike anything I have experienced before . It was definitely the most expensive meal of my life and a very memorable one . Heres some of the items from my 7 course menu. £145. Plus service . Pan-fried scallops from the Isle of Skye heritage apples, walnuts, celery . Lobster Ravioli. langoustine, salmon, oxalis and wood sorrel . Poached Isle of Gigha halibut, Atlantic King crab, finger Lime, ras el hanoul infused broth . Dover sole shiso, shellfish, celtuce, shitake . pineapple. coconut. kaffir lime . Lemonade Parfait, Honey, Bergamot, Sheep's milk yoghurt

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47. Grounded Coffee Company H

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I went to check out @groundedcoffeeco_london During the week after hearing good things . Pictured is the full English (halal) at £9.50 and pancakes £7.50 . I have to say I think this place is massively overrated. No way this is worth £9.50. The sausage was decent enough, but there wasn't enough here to justify the price, the word BASIC comes to mind and this shouldn't cost more than £5. It came with sourdough toast which was hard and unpleasant. Also, didn't even come with a cup of tea. Bump. . The pancakes where just okay and they wern't even round! Brioche burger definitely do the best pancakes. The decor and vibe in there is good tho. But I'd take value over decor. You can go down a few shops and get a full English for £5. Swipe for more ➡️➡️➡️

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48. Guanabana FH

49. Gunpowder N

50. Handmade Burger Company H

51. Hankies Cafe FH

52. Honi Poke FH

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Had my first Poke! From @honipoke What is a poke you ask..A fresh Hawaiian sushi bowl made with marinated raw fish, rice and a variety of fresh ingredients and zingy sauces. . No meat so fully halal. Well, I say fully they have octopus, which some say it not halal, so I won't get into that. . I got a Honi Poke and it was really good. Tuna, salmon, Salty mango, Sunomono cucumber, Nori seaweed, Kimchi, Chive, Crispy onion, Chilli garlic sauce. Super fresh fish, loads of flavours and spicy, even the mango was a great touch, super soft melt in mouth mango! . Good for lunch and it closes at 9pm. The price if this bowl was just under £9.. I think that's a bit expensive, but the price is for the clear quality in ingredients.

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53. Hoppers H

54. House of Ho H

55. HS & Co FH

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I went to @hsandco for my last meal before Ramadan, actually, it was for my dad's birthday and he likes steak so I thought I'd take him out. This was my second visit and my first visit was not the best in terms of my enjoyment of steak. I wanted to give this place another go, I ordered a ribeye medium for dad and one medium rare for me. Sadly, once again it was a massive let down, I was served a steak that had a nice seared outer layer but uncooked and rare in the middle, I had to send it back. I was going to post a pic, but honestly, it's gross. My dad is a simple man and doesn't complain much but he was not impressed! I cook steak at home and I can cook a better one than what's served here, dad was in agreement. Dissapointing and a place that I can't recommend. There is a full in depth review on the blog. Search for hs&co

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56. Inito H

57. J Sketchy N

58. Jamavar H

59. Johnson’s FH

60. Kiln N

61. Kricket N

62. La Porchetta Pollo Bar N

63. Laz FH

64. Le Bab H

65. Le Rif FH

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Lamb Tagine from the most simple and basic place I've been to in ages. Le Rif Cafe gained my attention after being featured on Time Outs best London cheap eats. So i decided to check it out. Price was £6. The place is proper simple so don't expect anything fancy. So, the food was not cooked fresh it was already made and then microwaved which was not the best as some of the food was not heated evenly. However as tagines go it was good and I finished every bit. I remember when I visited Morocco, the best tagine I had was from a crappy place with no menu. Proper authentic. This felt similar. Where would be the best place you would recommend me to go to try a good tagine? Please comment below.

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66. Lokkum Bar and Grill FH

67. Ma Plucker H


68. Madia FH

69. Mak Grillz FH

70. Mango Tree H

71. Marcus H

72. Maze H

73. Meat House FH

74. Meat Liquor H

75. Mem and Laz H

76. Mint Leaf H

77. Moor and Hitch FH

78. Mooshies Vegan Burger V

79. Moral FH

80. Mother Clucker H

81. Needos FH

82. Nusa Dua FH

83. Oliver Maki H

84. Pacana FH


85. Pasha H

86. Pasta Brown N

87. Pastaio N

88. Penang H

89. PF Changs H

90. Pie Factory H

91. Pizza Express H

92. Pizza Hut N

93. Proper Burgers H

94. Saffron Kitchen H

95. Shackfuyu H

96. Shake Shack H

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The chicken burger from @shakeshackuk As many of you may or may not know, shake shack UK have now started serving up halal chicken burgers. What you may not know is that's it's an absolutely rubbish burger and total waste of money! If you have have been following my foodie journey you know I'm straight to the point and no nonsense. I feel it's my duty to tell you do not waste your time with this. Honestly, it was crap. The chicken had minimal usage of herb and spices. The breading was a single layer of hard glass like texture, it felt like eating chicken wrapped in glass. At £6.25, I feel like I was robbed. I've had better chicken burgers for £1. Honestly, the underated zinger burger (with chips and drink for under £5) from KFC is 10 times better. Bad food makes me angry. Have you had this burger? Do u agree with me? Comment below. Oh, if you want a good chicken burger. Then the tower burger from @meatgram. Chicken is halal.

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97. Skewd FH

98. Som Saa N

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A whole deep fried sea bass from @somsaa_london. The most popular dishes on the menu. Rated by time out as the 4th best restaurant in London. Yeah, not for me. It's one of the most over hyped places I've been to. Although it's a epic looking dish, I found it overpowered with too much acidity from the lime and mint, way too zesty and tagy. I did like that it was different to something I've eaten before, but i was really expecting something better. Note, I didn't check if this place served halal meat as I knew I was going to to try the sea bass. #food #foodpic #foodporn #foodie #foodgasam #instagood #instafood #yum #london #instagood #instafood #photooftheday #foodreview #review #foodblog #foodblogger #london #yum #yummy #goodfood

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99. Station Cafe FH

100. Sticky Wings FH

101. Suito H

102. Sweet Mile End


103. Talli Joe

104. Tabun Kitchen FH

105. Thai n Pie FH

106. The Banc FH

107. The Barbury N

108. The Great Chase FH

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I didn't like the other picture so here's a new post… Honey roasted duck breast with apricots, jersey royals potatoes. I normally never eat duck, but glad I tried this. Yes, it's pink in the middle 😲 I’m still buzzing from my lovely and delicious meal from The newly opened The Great Chase. It is the ONLY FULLY HALAL restaurant in Zone 1 London, It’s also fine dining. There is only halal served and NO ALCOHOL on the menu or allowed 🍴 The restaurant has only been open for 2.5 weeks, currently in it’s soft launch not officially opened. During this time you can walk in and get 20% off or pre-book and get 30% as long as you mention the offer. The food is a contemporary take on traditional British and European dishes. The ingredients are top quality you can tell with each bite that the standards are high. You don’t need to add crazy spices to get flavours when the quality of the meat and cooking is this good. They have a great ethos of sourcing foods locally . I really have to tip my hat to the owners. Well done 👏 Everything I ate was great. The Chicken was so soft and tender, how they managed this with chicken breast really baffled me, this is what you get when you use Free-range, corn-fed chicken it gives a notable mark of quality. The same goes for the Duck breast. It's so rare to see a restaurant that offers up halal eaters a chance experience this type of cuisine. The food here is different and might be a first time for some readers. However, I really want to encourage you to go I really could write for longer but just want this to be a quick post. Full review to follow. The menu is limited to 4 starters and 4 mains due to the soft launch.

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109. The Ledbury N

110. Tommi’s Burger

111. Tuk-tuk Thai Noodle Bar H

112. Tukdin FH

113. TWID N

114. Vijay’s Chawalla V

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Was very indecisive last night and drive around looking for somewhere new to try and ended up in Vijays on green street. Started with the allo papri chaat, which was served (very) cold, but arrived within 2 mins of order but tasted great, I would have sent it back because it was too cold, but I was a little hangry and just wanted to eat! Then I came the punjab thaili, have to single out the bhatura, my first time trying this and it was very good. The other curries where just okay, didn't really amaze me with taste but very filling. £8.95 I did send back the dosa, I have a feeling it was an old one as it was ice cold. Simple and cheap food. The chaat was very good. All vegetarian. #food #foodpic #foodporn #foodie #foodgasam #instagood #instafood #halal #halalfood #halalfoodguy #yum #london #instagood #instafood #photooftheday #foodreview #review #foodblog #foodblogger #london #yum #yummy #goodfood #indian #londoncheapeats

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115. Wagamama N

116. Wing Wing H

117. Zelman Meats H

In true HFG fashion, I remembered a few more after I typed out the whole list!

118. BiRD

119.Hummus Lina

120. Meat Co

121. Marrakech Delight

122. The Westbridge

123. Pilau