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Update May 2017: Score Adjusted

The last time I ate here it only had been open for a week and I thought it had potential. I found myself around the area and a bit peckish so decided to pop in.
There have definitely been improvements. I ordered the American, which is basically a cheeseburger and it only costs £5. The taste of the beef was really good and I loved the sweetness from the onions and the bun. A simple but really well-cooked burger. The beef was cooked on a flat plate grill so it kept the juices there and really enhanced the flavours.
I enjoyed it so much, I ordered another! That’s a first
At only £5, pound for pound, it could be one of the best and most enjoyable burgers I’ve had. I have updated the score from a 6 to a 9, based on the “American Burger”


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A new fast food style burger place has opened up near West Ham’s old stadium, called Fatboyz. Normally I don’t visit a new open and wait a month or so to allow a place to get into the swing of things but I felt like checking this place out.

The menu is simple and straightforward but does offer a little something for everyone, especially for families and children or a place where groups of uni friends can go.

The Champ Burger £6.00

The champ burger was a disappointment for a couple of reasons. The beef patty had zero taste, not almost no taste but no taste what so ever. There was nothing from patty telling me it was beef, it was dry and suffered from being overcooked. The burger also had too many different sauces being uses that made the consistency too soggy and also the flavours didn’t work well together. I also removed the onion rings as I don’t like them. 4/10


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Beef melt £6.50

I was encouraged to try this pulled beef melt with peppers and cheese. This was nice, the texture of the beef was good but it feel that it was missing something to lift the meal, the peppers were fresh and added to the texture of the melted cheese, but I feel something was missing. 6/10

beef melt
beef melt

Dirty Chips £3.50

The dirty chips were my 2nd favourite item, chilli beef sauce over chips. The chilli tasted good, nice flavours and spice and really good value. 7.5/10

dirty chips
dirty chips

Chilli cheese bangers £3.00 for six

I definitely recommend getting these. Simple, tasty and the gooey cheese was great. Deep-fried cheese and jalapeno peppers and only £3 for 6 bargain! 8/10

Chili cheese bangers
Chili cheese bangers

Sweet Potato Fries £2.00

Sweet potatoes fries were cooked well and tasted good, they were not soft or soggy but firm, I think really good value at only £2.

Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Fries

Fish Finger Sandwich Meal £3.00

My partner in crime had this, it came with fries and a drink, I have it a good authority that it was “yummy”. ( and yes, it’s a kid’s meal)

Fish Finger Sandwich Meal
Fish Finger Sandwich Meal

All in all it was a mix bag, with some nice bits and some that need improvement, but at the time of visiting it had only been open for 2 days, so there is definitely natural room for improvement which I am sure they will achieve. The venue is small and does have that local vibe to it and feels like it wants to be part of the community. There was a instance of a homeless person wanting food and they gave them some free food, so I really liked that helping the community aspect.  Service was okay and again needs some tweaking with bringing out food in right order but I know they will get this right in time.

If you are local it’s worth a visit, one of the 3 owners took time to speak with us and was very open to feedback, he was very warm and personal and he didn’t know I was a “blogger”. 

Check the place out and let me know how you found it! 

8.3 / 10 Halal Food Guy
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