Made a quick and first visit to Chai Ki in Canary Wharf, located in the new Crossrail place. Food wise I only ordered 2 items because I already ate lobster at the big easy which is upstairs and it didn’t fill me up and felt like trying something else.

Chicken tikka naan – is it what is sounds like, chicken tikka, mixed peppers, onions, and yogurt served on a fresh naan. It was like a pizza! It was a simple dish but light and enjoyable.

The Burnt Chilli Chicken is an Indo-Chinese dish made with Szechwan sauce cooked with mix peppers and spring onion. Both items were simple but well cooked. A nice balance of flavours and good use of texture and crunch from the deep fried chicken. The chicken is deep fried and then stir fried. A really good dish that I would eat again and even try making it myself at home.

For dessert, got a slice of chocolate cake.

Slightly overpriced, but it’s canary wharf and I did say slightly. If you visit the definitely recommended giving the 2 items above a go. The venue is modern and as a nice atmosphere. There are different menus to choose from, so make sure you plan ahead as certain menus are available at different times.