Date of Visit: 18 July 2018

Chicken and Beef is Halal

If there’s one type of cuisine that’s hard to find that is Halal, its authentic Mexican, I’m talking about food cooked by real Mexcian chefs using ingredients actually from Mexico. Well, I Bring you Mestizo who serve up some authentic Mexican food and have halal chicken and beef.

The menu is large and there are loads of options.




See that red and green block, if you need service you put it green side up.


For mains, I went read meat crazy and got Filete Tampiquena,  strips of finest beef fillet, accompanied by a chicken enchilada, guacamole, and rajas con crema and garnished with queso Fresco ranchero. £24 

Also got Filete Arriero, three beef medallions on a base of sauteed potatoes with a sauce of chopped garlic, onion, chile Verde & chile guajillo, served with steamed vegetables. £19.50

Sometimes when I go out to eat, I order with my followers in mind – I think what would they like the most, here I went a bit red meat heavy here, in retrospect, I would have prefered to order something that felt a little more authentic.


I saw only after I left that they had Tamal de Dulces, I wish I got that.

Definitely, recommend this place for groups of friends as its something a bit different, the vibe here is like a party and lively, booking is essential. Service and staff are very helpful and friendly.