Date of Visit: October 2018

New Halal Chicken Joint in Essex. OMG Babes it’s totes amaze! Wing Shack Co has been open for a few months and offers a halal menu. All chicken and beef are halal!


The only way is…. chicken! Okay, enough Towie references, but I really liked the food here. I recommend the Chicken tenders, so tender and juicy with great flavour.



I tried all the different flavours, I recommend the BBQ and the Honey and Soy. The flavours were well balanced and tasted great.


The chicken thigh burger is also awesome. Juicy, tender and the batter had a great crunchy texture. Chicken burger i’ll give it an 8/10.  I also tried the beef burger, but I don’t think it was that good. 5/10 for that one.

I also tried a few sides, in particular, the halloumi fires where very good and I definitely recommend getting that. The mac n cheese wasn’t to my liking.

There’s a small amount of non-halal as a side on the menu, but it’s handled and cooked separately in the kitchen.

My meal was complimentary.