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Kitchin N1


Pre warning – Im going to have a little rant.

A few years ago I visited the buffet restaurant KitchinN1 in Kings cross and wasn’t impressed then. A few years later I found myself here on a Saturday night with a group of 8 after just coming back from a 16 mile hike in Dover! So when we got back to Kings Cross we headed to KitchinN1 as it’s near and we wouldn’t have to wait long for food to arrive.

When I review a restaurant I say it how it is. I really don’t hold back.

This visit I experienced the worst customer service for a long time. All i have to say about this place is AVOID AVOID AVOID.

I’ll speak about the food, for £16.99 you have access to a small to medium range of average food. The good was the Indian curries. But its hard to recall anything else that had taste and quality. Things seemed to be restricted, the fresh grilled station customers are only permitted by small cuts of meat per visit.

But where I didn’t like this place was then service we received. From the moment we walked in I felt that we we not welcomed. The man at the door almost tried everything to put us off. He kept stating the price to everyone, then demand payment upfront and encouraged cash payments (I smell tax avoiding here). He then stated no out side drinks…pointing to bottles of water we had on us! Then after we had sat down and started eating he had the cheek to come up to us again and ask if everyone has paid or if anyone as sneaked in. I was gobb smacked. He then gave us a drinks bill for the people that ordered drinks, then 10mins later after people from the group had left he came back and gave a new bill with drinks that he forgot to add on. With no apology.

Anyway, as you can tell I’m not happy this is such a mediocre and poor restaurant. I really don’t know how it survives as it’s just below average. I do not recommend going. 

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  1. Went to this place back in 2010, and food was amazing, service was good. So few years down the line, 2015 to be exact, decided to revisit. New management etc. I know what you mean by “not welcome” as soon as we walked through the door! I was gobsmacked at how he thought we were there to cause trouble or sommething the way he was speaking to us and looking at us. I noticed how the non-Asian customers were treated with respect. I made the conclusion that the Asian waitor serving us looked down upon us because we were Asian, in Central London, enjoying a lunch date with a group of friends. When it got to the bill, apparently they only accept cash, when there was a card reader beside him that looked like it was working well. How stupid are?! Oh and I’d like to also mention how he charged us for extra drinks and a meal on the bill falsely, calculated in front of him leaving him red-faced. Mug. Utter mug. Never going back there again!

  2. Such a shame the venues gone downhill due to new management. Was impressed over 8years ago. Which made me go another 5times. Clearlu something happened during the 4. Poor service! Rude staff! any need of assistance was a bother to them. Five drinks not available on the menu. Said they dont have the ingredients. (Theres a tesco metro literally facing them). 26mins waiting time to be offered drinks (the venue was not even a quatar full of capacity, so why I wasnt able to book at the earlier time as desired, I don’t know. We had to settle for 20.30- there was one large family and three couples dining when we arrived)! 19mins to be served drinks for a party of 8. Only accepted ONE transaction to pay for the total bill of nearly £200 between 5 adults who some wants to pay a mix of card and cash. I actually figured out we were charged for 9 adults instead of 4adults and 2kids. No greeting. No thank you. No goodbye. Naan bread freezing cold. Ice cream machine out of order AGAIN. Stale and dry cakes on display. Contacted manager the next day of yummy upsets from 5/8 guests. Said it’s not his problem before 48hours. Failed to mention a free meal goes to the birthday person AND a free bottle of house wine to bookings over 5guests or more. The manager said ” I’m allowed to waiver those offers. No apologies. No peace offered til after 24min 20secs into the conversation when we mentioned contacting the food standard agency. Has the nerve to only offer a £20 discount off the bill only if the person whose card was used to come to the venue to do so.??


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