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Brioche Burger (closed)


What I ordered: 6 dirty dozen chicken wings, bettie boop beef burger medium, chilli chips, sweet potato fires, pina colada and got my dad a classic beef burger.

The good: wings were brilliant, in fact, in my honest opinion, the best wings I’ve ever had. Marinaded in a unique hot sauce, then oven cooked, then sir fried. Great method and amazing taste.

Sweet potatoes fries on point. The pina, good balance of sweetness and flavour.

Chili chips, good flavours, but the texture was not very good, the chips where way too soggy. Needs to be cooked longer

But this is a burger establishment. So let’s talk burgers.

I will be honest in my review as I always am. as mentioned I ordered the Beety Boop – Two 3oz beef patty, American cheese, crispy chicken rashers,
caramelised onions, gherkin, lettuce, tomato with “secret sauce: and the house super soft brioche. Unfortunately, my burger was one of the worst I’ve had. My first bite, the bun was nice and warm and had the sweetness from a brioche. But that all I can say. There was zero, and I mean zero taste from the meat and sauces. I don’t think the ingredients blended well at all. Everything was cancelled out and impossible to identify a single flavour.

I took a separate bit of the patty out and tried that, I have had more flavour eating a vegi soy burger. It was the most blandest thing I’ve ate in a long time. I was like there was no seasoning added, not even the natural flavours on the meat where coming though.

I was expecting better. A lot better. The burgers are cooked on a hot flat grill, my favourite method of cooking burgers, as the fat from the burger patty is kept better within the juices. But the burgers here are not cooked with any fat content. Fat is what brings out flavour and blends species and seasoning together. Getting the ratio of fat to meat is a art. Normal it’s 80/20. So cooking on a flat grill then doesn’t get the best out of the meat patty.

I after a few bites I really didn’t want to eat any more. It was painful eating this burger and not a very enjoyable experience.

In addition, the service is also poor. Not once during out meal where we looked in on, table not cleared, desert not offered. I had to go up to the counter to pay the bill.

I did however pass my feedback on to management and they did tell me they are aware of the bland burgers. But, they have been running for 4 months or so. With that said, he did take off the burger off final bill.

Oh and my dad, who is happy with anything, also said it was pretty awful.

Anyway. If you want a good burger, i definitely would not recommend brioche burger. I hope they improve the burgers soon.

So my score will be based on the burger itself. I take no pleasure in giving out low scores, but if the food is bad, Im not going to hide away from it.

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