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All the Halal food at Winter Wonderland 2019


Believe it or not, but up until this week, I’d never actually been to the every popular Winter Wonderland. Ever. So if you have been before, you know what it’s like. But if you haven’t it’s like a massive funfair with rides, activities and food stalls. It’s free to enter but every ride or activity has to be paid for, around £3 to £9 for anything.

Located in Hyde Park and accessed from tube station ls marble arch, Knightbridge. The place is massive… Like I had no idea it was such an expensive area. There are like mini towns inside other towns!

Anyway, I spend the best part of 3 hours having a good wonder and searching for as many food stalls that had halal options. Prices are expensive, but this is London, the minimum price for food is the £8 mark. So, if you haven’t been either or even if you are a seasoned pro, there’s content here that I’m sure will be useful.


I have highlighted the Halal options on the map!

Here is an interactive google map that tags the location of where each photo featured here was taken!

The best place, in my opinion, is the Street Food Festival F5 on the map (below). It’s opposite the giant 70m wheel.

Here you will find the following places


Definitely one of the best looking and exciting dishes. Steak and chips. £10
Only the beef is halal. The duck is not halal.

Other Side Fried

Location: Street Food Festival F5

Other Side Fried

Crunchy and juicy fried chicken burgers

All chicken halal.

Makatcha (Indonesian coconut curry)

Location: Street Food Festival F5

Tasty slow-cooked beef rendang £10 is one of the better things to eat in the whole park.
Beef, chicken and vegan halal

Fanny’s Kebab

Location: Street Food Festival F5

All meat is halal slaughtered

Here are some other veg and vegan options

Wood Fired Pizza (v)

Location: Street Food Festival F5

The Mac Factory (v)

Location: Street Food Festival F5

Mac and cheese in a cup. £8
No halal meat served, but vegetarian available

Moving away and as you enter from the gold entrance, the one with the colourful arches are 2 halal spots

Chicken Shack

Location: F1 As you enter via Gold Gate

Loads of different chicken options, Jerk chicken wraps and grilled chicken.
All chicken halal


Location: F1 As you enter via Gold Gate

Burgers and sausages. As you can see from the photos they have halal signs up, but also visible is bacon cooked here as well. I had a funny feeling about this one. I didn’t check the halalness of the place, so if you decide to go please double-check.


Location: Around the Angle Christmas market

Bossman (pictured) said the Chicken is Halal.

Fish & Chips

Location: Near F15 towards the Green Gate

Not just fish and chips, but chicken goujons available as well.

Chicken and lamb shish

Location: Near F17

No points for the unimaginative stall name. But the kebabs did look pretty decent. I Couldn’t see the prices but safe to guess it’s around the £8 mark.

Jerk Bar / Chicken Strips and Bites

Location – F13 – Near Angels Xmas Market


Location: F10 

The only Chinese food tall, here I saw that halal chicken is available.

Schnitzel & Falafel

Location: F13

Flaming Catus

Location: F10 

I didn’t see any halal signs, but loads of veg and vegan dishes.


Now I was going to post pics of all the desserty places like Churros and waffles, but there are a lot of them around the park, so didn’t feel the need to feature all of them. Here are a few I saw.

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