Another burger joint! Red Iron Burger is in Uxbridge an area that I knew very well around 10 years ago as I went to Brunel University. Anyway I decided to make the journey from East to West and check out the burgers.

The Food:
Ordered some BBQ wings to start, these were nice, cooked well and the sauce was flavoursome, but as I have mentioned in the past, chicken wings are very simple to cook and hard to get wrong.

I ordered the aptly named Red Iron Burger is the signature burger, “oozing layers of mixed cheese’s, house Red Iron Burger sauce, garlic mayo, caramelised red onions, jalapeños, fresh red onion, lettuce and tomato” served with sweet potatoes fires for £11. Let’s address the pricing, for the area, I think it’s over priced. Burgers come with chips or £1.50 extra for sweet potato fries. This burger was £9.50.

The burger itself, when it arrived it looked good, decent presentation and loads of layers, but here was where things turned. When I touched the burger bun, I was shocked to find the bun was COLD and not even cooked. I got up straight away and I asked the cook directly if this was correct and he said yes. We use all our senses when we eat, the bun is the first thing we touch and taste, for this to be cold is a massive error. The bun was also stale, the texture and taste if the bun was awful. It fell apart and didn’t keep its form. The sauces and taste of the burger was also poor. The cheese in the burger didn’t melt, maybe because the bun was too cold. The beef patty was also rather bland. I really didn’t enjoy this meal.

I know many people have rated this place but I think it comes down to competition around the area. There isn’t any other halal burger places, unlike East London and because of this I think they can get away with a lower standard and quality. I have read other views and comments and it seems that this place as taken a dive since it as opened, both in food and service.

Venue is also pretty basic, it has a rustic feel. Had to wait around 20mins for a table for 3. From a service point of view, we had to queue and wait in line for a table, no names taken, so I found that as poor element of service.

You pay for food at the start, which is good for groups and avoiding disproportion in bill paying!

280 High St, Uxbridge UB8 1LQ