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Clockjack (closed)


One of the things I do in my spare time is research new places to eat, which is when I came across the words Free Range and ethically sourced chicken. I have found that this will increase the chance of a restaurant serving halal chicken. As, Halal doesn’t just mean how meat is killed but also how it lived, so free range is a prerequisite.  So I contacted them and the nice people of Clockjack said they can order in Halal chicken on request. Sorted.

When I arrived at the restaurant I was informed that my halal chicken had been ordered, so that eased any doubts. Clockjack is in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Soho and Piccadilly Circus. They deal with one thing. Chicken, and boy do they get it right!

To drink me and my old work friend ordered the homemade lemonade, simple, sweet and refreshing

I ordered a whole chicken @£19.95. (But just looking at the bill was charged for 2 x Half Chickens @£10.95. Nor sure why) As you can see from the pictures it looks pretty epic! We also ordered some sides:
Clockjack Fries – £3.50
Sweet Potato Fries – £4.25
Clockjack Coleslaw – £3.25 (Cabbage, Celery, Fennel Seeds, Lemon & Mayonnaise)
When a whole upright chicken lands on your table its a pretty epic sight! After a quick few couple of snaps, I then had the fun task on cutting this whole chicken into two. After a bit on meat carving, managed to cut me a lovely leg and thigh piece to start with.

Now a lot of the chicken I eat tends to be grilled, which is good, but using this method of cooking creates a different taste. It is like a roast chicken at the end of the day, but the marinate they use worked really well. The chicken was succulent and juicy. Before roasting, they marinate the chicken in a soft herb brine, which lifts the natural flavour. Then the intense heat of the rotisserie flame turns the skin brown, this brought out some deep flavours from the skin, which made it taste so good. Because its on a rotisserie the rotation helps cook the chicken gently, which resulted in a tender and succulent chicken packed with flavour.

Chicken is cooked on the only vertical rotisserie in Europe. (so they say)

The Sweet potato fries where great and went really well with the chicken, I wasn’t a fan of the Chips in comparison, stick to the sweet potato, much better!

By the end of the meal I was stuffed! It was a very satisfying meal. Service was personable and quick.

Total Bill came to £31inc service.  – Please note that a discount of £10.95 was applied to my final bill as I used a Tastecard

I spoke with one of the managers, he was very friendly and interested in the halal food market. He told me that it was very easy for him to order in halal chicken from his supplier. I also spoke to one of the cooks, he was muslim and also confirmed the chicken I ate was halal.


Halal – Halal chicken is ordered upon request, you need to give at 24 to 48 hours notice. Status was confirmed many times direct from the manager. Ask for Gray or one of the mangers. Chief and Kitchen are also Muslim (Bengali)

14 Denman Street, London, W1D 7HJ / http://www.clockjack.co.uk/
Masjid Near / Alcohol on site
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