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Kadiri’s is known for one thing. Their famous Biryani. It’s well reviewed by the locals as a the best around so I found myself in North West London on a Saturday evening and decided to make the trip. Upon entering I was surprised by the size.. It’s really small and I was expecting a restaurant with a better décor, it was really simple, almost felt like a high street take away with a few seats. Thinking about it, it kinda was. There was a high amount of take away and pick up orders, but anyway let’s talk about the food.

A friend of mine mentioned that their lamb chops where really good, so I decided to go for those and even without the recommendation, I still would have ordered them!. Now thing is, I’ve been cutting back on my food portions lately and despite not have eaten that day, I still wasn’t that hungry. 4 lamb chops cost nearly 9 quid, which costs more than the mains. I requested if they do a half portion, but they didn’t.

2014-09-06 20.15.30

Upon arrival they looked great and where big and thick. However, I forgot to mention how I wanted it cooked, which meant they came the Indian standard between well done and burnt. This receded the overall natural taste of the meat, which made them on the dry side and they lost their juiciness. I also felt as if they maybe have been pre grilled and where not grilled from raw.

I also ordered an allo chat which was very disappointing, in taste and presentation. It was pretty bad to be fair. So don’t bother ordering that.

2014-09-06 20.16.09

Now for the main. I went for a small lamb biryani. When I arrived It came served on a plate. This is because only medium and upwards are served in a clay pot. Not how I expected it – another dinners where getting there’s served on a clay-pot with a flame underneath keeping it warm. In my head, this is how i pictured it, so I was a borderline “baby getting moody” when my friend had the quick idea of asking the waiter if he could take the plate and serve it in a clay pot. A minute later he came back with my Biryani, just like how i pictured. I was happy again.

As for the meal, was it the best. Short answer, No. But it was very good. It was layered, had a mixture of flavours but it was lacking in texture and didn’t have that x factor. I like my Biryani to be a bit sweet and the rice to be a bit soft and slightly sticky. It’s a meal that I would have again no doubt – I enjoyed it at the end of the day, maybe if I more of an appetite I would had enjoyed it more. I’m actually writing this 6 weeks after I had the meal, so im having a hard time to recall my experience.

Im sure I will go back again with family, but I need to make it clear that its a No thrills dinning experience, the place is small and décor dull and unimaginative. The focus is clearly on the signature Biryani.

2014-09-06 20.15.39  2014-09-06 21.07.33 2014-09-06 21.06.51 2014-09-06 21.06.37
Food – 3.5
Value – 3.5
Service – 3
Presentation, Décor, Atmosphere – 2.5

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