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Greedy Panda


Delivery and Takeaway only! Not a sit down restaurant!.

I’m not gonna pretend to be a Chinese food connoisseur but the food from @greedypandachinese was really good!.

Here’s what I got..
Mix Starters £9.50
Spare Lamb Ribs £5.95
Crispy Aromatic Lamb Pancakes £8.50 (I wanted duck, but it’s very hard to find duck, let alone HMC duck)
Crispy Shredded Beef with chill £5.50
Spicy Singapore Fried Rice £6.50
Shrimp Chow Mein £5.50

The food I tried was really tasty, in particular the lamb ribs and the crispy aromatic lamb (part of the pancakes)

It’s a new place that just opened up, yes, in East London! I don’t normally review takeaway and delivery places, but obviously, with the situation, I’ve been looking at more food alternatives.

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  1. you must be kidding me, i got food from here and it was utter pants. ordered over£40 of food, and most of it was barely edible. the worst chinese outside china!

    either you have no taste buds, dont know what chinese tastes like, or your getting paid by GP.


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