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UPDATED: Date of 2nd Visit September 2022

I headed down to Fredos as its been a good few years since I last visited. I went as a regular paying customer

Here’s what I got
Rib eye steak £26.95
Chicken Tandoori Pizza £9.95
Chicken Parmsan Steak £14.95
Mac N cheese £3.65
Hallomi Fires £5.95
Bumble Gum moijto £5.95

Went I visited a few years ago, I was really impressed with the steak, it was later when I discovered they used a supplier that was renowned for rearing and producing quality steaks.

However, in a move to go HMC they changed to a different supplier who produces a steak that’s much lower in standard and quality, sadly HMC normally means poorly quality (yes this is true)

At £26.95 I was expecting a good-tasting steak, it just lacked any real depth in flavour you get from dry ageing. I requested medium-rare but it was closer to medium but just about okay. It claims to be 28 days aged steak, I very much doubt it. It was on par with rib-eye steaks you can buy at selected Tesco and Asda stores for around £7. Absolutely not worth the price, it’s more a £12 steak. Not worth it

The good was the spicy chicken Tandoori pizza, good tasting pieces of chicken, generous in amount and a good balance of heat from green chillies and pizza sauce and it tasted great the next day as leftovers.

The chicken parma was really tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, I liked this dish a lot, the French onion signature sauce went perfectly and was excellent, I asked for more.

The venue is spacious and is decorated with flowers on every wall to create that popular insta worth vibe that’s so popular these days.

All Food halal. No alcohol. I paid for my meal.

Date of Visit: 30th July 2019

I checked out @fredosldn this week, a fully halal (no alcohol) restaurant located on Romford Road, Manor Park. This place has been opened for a while now but I’ll be honest, I just thought it was another standard place, but I’ll hold my hands up and say I was wrong and I was really impressed with the food

The venue itself looks great from the outside and has a modern family and group-friendly vibe inside. The menu consists of pizza, burgers, grilled chicken and steak, so something for everyone

I got the rib eye steak £23 and my mate got the £21 sirloin steak. I’ll say this now, this was one of the best steaks I’ve had in ages. I requested Medium Rare and ill be honest I wasn’t expected it to be cooked right… But it was on point. The steak was perfectly cooked, juicy, tender and the fat content and marbling were excellent. Which made me ask where they source their steaks from. Well, they get it from @hillfarmfinest a small farm that really raises animal and produces some quality products that are available for home customers to buy. So this explained why it was so good. Which then made me respect the restaurant more as this was a clear example of getting quality

Also got some grilled chicken which was very good, the BBQ Wings were also amazing and I’d say a must-order, easily my favourite now. I didn’t like the original wings as much compared to the BBQ

I don’t normally get mocktails but I got a Pina Colada which was also excellent. The mojito I thought had too much sugar for my liking

So if you haven’t been, I definitely recommend it. This meal was complimentary, but the thoughts and views are my own.

7.5 / 10 Halal Food Guy
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