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Brioche Burger (closed)


UPDATE: March 2016 – Score has been downgraded due to poor experience below.

I visited Brioche burger on 3rd March, just before 10pm.

The last time I went was in November when I was invited to a tasting session to try the new Agus beef menu but a few months later I wanted to try the menu again.

I ordered dirty dozen wings, Cojack and fresh price burger.

I have to be honest as I always am. I was very disappointed with the quality, standard and taste food I had. I’m not why, but the standards and quality were not good on this visit, perhaps it was due to the kitchen and restaurant not being able to cope during busy periods.

The Cojack was average, I was very surprised with how different this burger tasted from the last time I had the Angus menu. I couldn’t identify or taste the difference of using aged meat. I don’t think the sauces or extras like beef rashers aided to the burger. Really didn’t enjoy this burger at all and for someone who was really hungry and hadn’t eaten a burger for ages I only ate half.

The fresh prince burger, which is a take on a Philly cheese steak sandwich was just awful. The slices of steak were cut too thin it looked like worms and nothing how a Philly steak sandwich should be. Because the steak was cut so small, you weren’t able to taste any of the meat on the tongue. None of the fatty, oily tastes of the meat were evident. Definitely not the same when I first had it in November.

I think a restaurant should maintain standards no matter if you are busy or not, especially if you are charging £10 for a burger.

Very disappointed that they have been able to maintain standards since my last review.

I was given free nachos and 20% as there was a long wait.

My first visit to Brioche burger was not the best foodie experience and my very critical review echoed my sentiment. I didn’t enjoy the burgers, you can read more in my first review. Nevertheless, I did gave the owners some feedback and it seems they have taken some of my suggestions on board and now have introduced a new range of beef burgers and were nice enough to invite me to a tasting session to give them feedback on a new beef burger and steak menu.

The new menu now features Aged beef, Abdereen Angus Steak to be more accurate – and what is more impressive it is HMC certified. This now makes it currently the first HMC 21 day Aged steak that you can get.



Brioche Burger have really researched the way they cooked and create Burgers and have improved.. Firstly, they have used aged minced meat with a 70:30 ratio with fat. It is the fat that helps bring out the taste and keeps the burger juicy. Traditional gourmet burgers have a thick patty, but here they have opted for a thinner patty and gone for that shake shake style, where the burger is smashed and then cooked on a hot plate grill.


I tried 2 burgers, the Lone Ranger – a very simple burger with minimal ingredients – 6oz Angus patty, crispy fried onions, american chesses, spicy bbq sauce in their signature Brioche bun.

The focus of this burger was clear, the taste of the meat. Howver, upon my first bite, I found the burger too salty, it was very over powering, despite this after a few more bites the salty taste went away and I was left enjoying the burger. I was not a fan of the onions, they where in a batter and fried, it added a unnecessary texture in my opinion, I’d much preferred if it were just caramelised fired onions. This burger was definitely an improvement on the betty boo burger that I had on my first visit. But you have to remember that the menu is in development so there is a lot of potential here.
The other burger I had was the Fresh Prince which is there take on the classic and famous Philly Cheese Steak sandwhich. This comes with sliced Angus rump beef steak, onions, peppers, mushrooms, with american cheese, mustard and ketchup. I have to say this was a really good burger, despite the fact that I forgot to mention no mustard as I hate that stuff! It’s a messier burger but the meat and flavours really blended well and made for a outstanding meal.

I’m not much of a eater so I was rather full after the burgers and the brilliant chicken wings that I had for starters. But I was presented with a lovely Angus steak, 21 day dry aged.

Traditionally I have found that “brown guys” can’t really cook steak to the “english” way that I like it, they either cover it in sauce or over cook it. The steak that I had was cooked very very well. It was served Medium, normally I go for medium Rare, but it was cooked to a perfect Medium.

It was soft, juicy and very tender. I like cooking steak myself and know a few tricks, one of them is NOT to cook from cold and allow the meat to come up to room temperature before cooking on a grill – and it’s a method that they guys here used as well, which makes a difference to the consistency of the meat making in soft and easy to eat.

I have to say that the steak can easy be in the best steak in town class, (with Meat and Co being the top) The Banc, in Tottenham along with Gyms Kitchen to the best steaks, but this one can sit along side them. Prices and Menu in the photos.

The food I ate was part of a private tasting session for me with no other people in attendance to influence my views. As mentioned found the burgers and steak too overpowering with the taste of salt, however I am sure this issue as now been addressed. Its really good to see that a restaurant has listened to it’s customers and improved on its menu and food.


Brioche Burger (closed)
5.5 / 10 Halal Food Guy
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  1. Mate, i’ve been here nearly 15 times and it’s tasted amazing every single time. I’m a huge burger fan and this place so far hasn’t disappointed.

    You clearly have a personal vendetta against the owners or something because your reviews kind of give it away. Or maybe you’re taste buds have just been damaged from all the rubbish you’ve been eating elsewhere.


  2. I have just a few points to raise about this review;
    Firstly, the grammar and spelling in this review leaves a lot to be desired; frankly how can I take a food review seriously if fine details obviously aren’t your thing?
    Secondly, you write: ‘They seemed to be suffering from the standards dropping due to fact that it was busy with every table taken.’ ?? I find this statement a little bizarre, I mean, what does it tell you when you return to a food place almost 5 months after your first visit and the place is erm, still packed? That the food and, ahem standards have not dropped maybe?
    I have visited Brioche around 7 times and am yet to be left disappointed. My friends and I visit many burger joints across London and we all agree that Brioche is the best when it comes to burgers.
    The burgers are all handmade and the beef crumbles when you bite into it, as a proper burger should. The burger meat does not ‘snap’ like in some other cheap eateries I have sampled, where the burger is compacted to death and grilled within an inch of its life.
    Overall, I did not agree with the review, but we all entitled to our opinions I guess … oh and I will be going there tonight, all this writing has made me feel kinda hungry 🙂


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