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Update: Since writting the origibal post, ive been back a few times and have been dissapointed with the food, something has chnaged and its not the same anymore, i actually prefer MunchBox in Upton Park now.  13/09/2019


There has been a lot of new Halal places that I have discovered and blogged about, but none in the years I have been blogging have gone Viral and created as much hype as Bims. Bims is a fast food style burger joint that’s recently opened up in the Walthamstow area.

After posting about this place on my Instagram account, I was blown away with the popularity of my discovery and the way it spread. The next day after I posted there were queues of people waiting to try the food. So why is there so much hype?

The Halal McDonald’s

This place does a £1 cheeseburger that tastes EXACTLY the same as a McDonald’s cheeseburger. When I first took a bite it reminded me of the classic McDonalds taste that I remember having when I’m aboard in places like Dubai, Malaysia, Turkey or other Muslim counties.

They have 2 styles of burgers as well, McDonald’s grilled and flame grilled Burger King style burgers that cost a bit more. The place is small and similar to a chicken shop

These burgers are the closest thing you will find to eating McDonald’s halal in the UK (I think) I believe the beef is from France, no certificate available, status confirmed by owners.

Be Ready to Queue

When I visited for the first time, I walked straight to the till and ordered, waited a while and got my food. The next day and since then, the waiting time is an average of 1 hour, there is also a limit to 2 burgers per customer. I was told by Bims themselves it was a direct result of my post!

When I visited, there were tables for seating, now its take away only. At the time of writing the venue is working on reducing wait times.

Why so Popular?

I think the fact that you can buy up to 5 burgers for the price of a typical Gourmet halal burger is a massive factor. It’s Cheap and it tastes like a McDonalds, granted, I don’t think its the quality of a burger that features in my top burger list, but people want something different. Is this a start of a new trend?

At the time of writing, there is a limit of 2 burgers per customer.

They also have exclusive drinks (with old pre-sugar tax levels of sugar) like a 7up Mojito.

So if you want to experience what a McDonalds burger, then head over to Bims to check it out!

8.5 / 10 Halal Food Guy
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    This place cannot GUARANTEE Halal, you have to take their word and that is it.
    It’s from FRANCE. A country hell bent on getting rid of Islam and Muslims. You expect to believe they will give you proper Halal?
    This place is over hyped and over rated. They always have an issue of “Sorry nothing is working” and “We will fix it when we want” This means -Get lost we don’t care where you came from how far and who you are, we decide what we do and if you don’t like it well tough as we get lots of people who have no clue of the so called Halal food, who will pay us for our French Deception-
    They are French First! Then they are Algerian then just for fun they are some what muslim.
    I wish I had the money to open a better place right opposite them, that serves better food and treats everybody like a Human being and make sure they don’t get any customers especially muslims who believe the French Lie! And shut their doors myself.
    They need to learn how to talk to a human being be they any religion or race.
    Few more months to a year and then no one would care, as that is what happens to so called Halal places that deceive people into eating non Halal food and not treating another fellow human being as a HUMAN BEING!
    I wish I had the power to shut their stupid franchise down for good, but as the sheep (muslims) will believe the lie and scam of the French there is nothing that can be done.
    #BoycottBims #Don’tgiveintoFrenchDeception #Don’tbelievesocalledmuslimlies #Beagoodmuslim

  2. MASSIVE MASSIVE LET DOWN. Food did not live up to the hype. Burgers were not worth the money; not as flavoursome as your typical PFC half pounder in East. Chips were soggy and didn’t hold any seasoning or flavour. HELLA PRICEY. the staff seemed Like they didn’t care.

    Overall a big big letdown.Not worth the money.

  3. MASSIVE MASSIVE LET DOWN. Food did not live up to the hype. Burgers were not worth the money; not as flavoursome as your typical PFC half pounder in East. Chips were soggy and didn’t hold any seasoning or flavour. HELLA PRICEY. the staff seemed Like they didn’t care.

    Not a 9.3 more like a 5.3, clearly the brother got paid to put it at the top

    Overall a big big letdown.Not worth the money.

  4. Food poisoning guaranteed! Cheap horrible food. Don’t fall for the halal food guys reviews obviously been paid to boost their sales!

    • He says he has never been paid to review, i apologise. You should reply on your site to all the people who have gone to this establishment based on your reviews and had a shocking experience. Such far fetched ratings and reviews just makes you look dishonest and susceptible to corruption

  5. Stay away from here, the service is appalling. I ordered 2 meals and they gave me 1 meal and the second meal had 2 burgers and a portion of chips. It was a simple order, just 2 meals! And then they don’t want to accept responsibility for their error and charged me for my drink even though they messed up in the first place. I agreed to pay difference for the drink however they don’t even have change so I couldn’t pay them for the drink. Any other establishment would have just given me the drink as they messed up the order but not here. Then I saw that my order was incorrect and they had given me a single cheeseburger but labelled it as a double. Apart from the customer service the food was just average, nothing special. Not worth the 50min-1hour queue at all! If you want real McDonalds style burgers try Ottoman Doner, Munchbox or Slamburger. The food is much better, and they also know how to treat people.

  6. Service is always poor, the till staff’s attitude sucks, they don’t give a sh*t about you, when you requested something they turn you away. Having read some of the posts above, will have second thoughts about going back again, as there is no guarantee that this place offers Halal burgers. They change the opening times without any notice, which again is a pain.


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