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Bella Cosa


If there’s one type of restaurant that’s hard to find that offers halal options it’s Italian, but here’s a new riverside restaurant located near Canary Wharf that has halal chicken, Lamb and beef! Finally a Halal Italian!

The restaurant is situated right by the river and makes for a nice picturesque place to visit for lunch or dinner

I have to say straight away that the food was excellent, I ordered a lot and liked everything!

The menu has loads of awesome sounding dishes, from classic Antipasti (fancy word for starters), salads, pizzas, pasta and more. The starters looked great and I genuinely wanted to order every item!

I went a bit over the top and ordered enough for 4 people…there was just 2 of us! They had to roll me home after this meal.


Mushroom and truffle arancini

Loved this dish. Fried balls of risotto balls and mushrooms with a strong hint of truffle running through it. Served on what seemed a bed of garlic mayonnaise. Loved this. 8.5/10

Fried squid

Perfectly cooked squid (calamari) in a crispy batter, so moreish and delicious 8/10

Cod coquets

A delicate deep-fried ball of crispy batter filled with flakey cod served on a bed of sweet pepper chutney which was a really tasty pairing 8.5/10

Garlic Bread with Cheese

Soft and fluffy stone baked garlic bread with cheese. 7/10

Beetroot and Goats cheese salad

I always get goats cheese when I see it on a menu, could have done with a touch of sweetness, but good dish nevertheless. 6.5/10


Apollo Pizza

Had to get a chicken pizza since it’s halal here! A simple pizza, with chicken, mushroom, tomatoes and truffle flavour,  I wasn’t expecting such a large size of a pizza. This could be hard to finish for just one person. I managed one slice. Tasted really good though. 8/10

Beef Lasagna

So hard to find a halal Lasagna at a restaurant, apart from a home cook made one. Layers of cheese, bechamel sauce and beef ragu. It felt very comforting and well made, but I just felt it needed another layer of depth in flavour to hit. I don’t think it was a fresh one, the outside was a little charred and maybe have been reheated. Maybe I’m used to my homemade desified ones. 6.5/10

Green Tortellini

The flavours of this pasta were soo good. Felt like I was back In Rome, the tortellini was stuffed with porcini mushrooms and truffles to make a flavour sensation. Loved this. 9/10

Lamb Cutlets

Didn’t expect to see a Lamb dish on the menu but I was intrigued to try it. 3 prime cuts of lamb cutlets, served on a bed of white beds and Peppers. Not a dish I can say I’ve had before, but I liked the overall flavours. The lamb was a little overcooked for me, but the tasty lamb fat was kept on and was cooked well enough to enjoy the flavours. 8/10

Finished off with a small delicious cheesecake for dessert. 8/10

Really had a good enjoyable meal, all the food I had was really tasty and whilst the restaurant wasn’t very busy, the service was excellent and our server was very helpful in recommending what dishes to try

Whilst the restaurant wasn’t busy, the service was excellent and our server was very helpful in recommending what dishes to try – she made good choices.

The location by the Riverside made for nice views. I parked for free on a street a few mins walk away (by the tesco). Some items on the menu contain alcohol so please inform staff of dietary requirements before ordering. My meal was complimentary.

Bella Cosa
8.1 / 10 Halal Food Guy
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