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Hands up for some Yummy halal Vietnamese food! I was actually in Vietnam at the beginning of the year and was lucky enough to experience some tasty Halal food. I was happy to eat some food back in London that brought back those yummy food memories

@banbeldn is a new delivery (via @deliveroo ) service that serves up really authentic and tasty food, currently operating around the Stratford area (E15+E20)

Here’s was I tried, rib eye beef Pho, corn fed chick Pho and some rolls, winter, spring and summer. The Pho (its pronounced “fur” ) was full of flavour that developed in-depth as I ate it. The broth was clearly made with love, it smelted great, with a star anise aromatics but wasn’t overpowered with spice. The addition of chillies added some welcomed heat and overall I really enjoyed each surlp. The phos comes with rice noodles, bean sprouts, chillies, herbs and other ingredients on the side for you to mix into your ‘soup’. My past experience with Phos I’ve eaten tend to have just one level of flavour and gets boring after a while, but this one the flavours increased in intensity over time

The rib eye and corn fed chicken added texture but not much flavour as it cooked separately and added how you like. The meat is halal and purchased from a local halal butcher

The meal delivery also came with some really delicious spring rolls. I remember doing a cooking class in Vietnam and we made some rolls.. These were certainly better than the ones I made! The spring rolls are deep fried and filled with chicken and prawns but it was the Vietnamise herbs that brought a new flavour to these rolls. The summer rolls are made with rice paper, prawns and fresh herbs which had a crunch and freshness

Overall, it was great to try something different from the usual and finding halal Vietnamese food is pretty rare in London. Check @Banbeldn for more information and prices, the phos are £10 on deliveroo but there’s discounts for collection. Also, there’s no pork in the kitchen and everything is halal! #gifted

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