This is easily now one of the best generic arab/middle eastern places i’ve been to. This visit falls in the middle of me finding myself eating out at 3 arab restaurants 3 days in a row.

Myself and a friend came here for a pre-theater dinner. Good think we made a reservation as this place had a queue when we sat down.

The inside is really simple but the decor does house many middle eastern influences and features.

The menu as a wide range of food, from cold/warm starters, mains, grills and more.
We ordered a few starters i ordered a main. The portions are big, you get loads for your money here and Chill sauce was yum!

What i liked was the service, i ordered a Lemon and Mint blended juice it was brilliant, i asked for some sugar and i got a plate, with napkin, spoon and sugar : i liked that.

I actually ordered the wrong main, i also go for lamb shish but got lamb kebab but i got loads of kebab. £3.50 for grilled chicken wings! yes please.

Great place, i’d travel from east london just for this place.

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29 Uxbridge Road, Shepherd’s Bush, London W12 8LH

[/tab][/tabgroup] [alert type=”green”]Halal Rating: No Alcohol No Pork No BOYB[/alert]