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2021 Rewind


2021 was another year of yummy food for me. Despite the lockdown in the UK with restaurants only opening in Mid May 2021 I still managed to eat out at nearly 90 restaurants and takeaways.

I managed to try over 50 Newley opened or 1st-time visits to restaurants, below is a summary of some of the NEW places I visited in 2021

Towards the bottom is a table of all the places I went to in 2021, I have left out places that are take-ways or dark kitchens.

ALL places below either have a full or partial halal menu unless stated. However, please check before visiting any place as the status of menus can change without notice.

List is in alphabetical order.

6 Burgerz, Burgers Address: 554 Mile End Rd, Bow, London E3 4PL

I checked out a new Burger spot in East London @6burgerz 📍 Located In Mile End (under the yellow bridge)

Although it’s primarily a burger joint there’s a load of other comfort food items on the menu, and that’s where I think you focus on because I have, to be honest, the burgers weren’t very good. With so many burger places in East London, standards are pretty high, but the burgers I tried here sadly fell short of the mark.

I went for a double smash beef burger, but what I got was a sauce… with buns and tasteless beef. Never had a burger with so much sweet sugary sauce there to mask the flavour of a beef patty that had zero taste. Really disappointed with it.

But I hope you are still reading because the food did get better!

The highlight of the evening was the lamb ribs, at only £5.95 these were bites of pure deliciousness and I’d happily come back just for these. Sooo good and definitely recommend

Another good dish was the dynamite shrimp, similar to the ones from PF changs, these huge shrimps were soft and saucy and really yum

I also tried the grilled chicken, I got the hot flavour as the waitresses said it’s not hot, but it set my mouth on fire and was too spicy hot for me, Wings were good, I got Fried and grilled, both worth trying

Sadly a few more dishes I have to mention for you to avoid, the mac n cheese was just awful, trio burgers were not great, buttermilk fried chicken burger had too much crispy batter and the chicken wasn’t soft and the loaded beef fries were dry and tasteless.

Inside the decor is modern and stylish with some nice lighting and spacious seating with additional seating upstairs due to open.

I’m all about the honest reviews, I had some good items like the ribs, chicken and dynamite shrimp so let’s focus on the positive… Just avoid the burgers as they need work right now.

Good spot for a meal with friends, food came out quickly and service was good. All good is halal and no alcohol is present.

My food was complimentary this was a #invite. Thoughts and words my own

Al Kalf, Somalii, Address: 112-116 Vine Ct, London E1 1JE

This place is the definition of a true of a Hidden Gem! Part of my Restaurant Roulette ♦️ Series, where I visit a restaurant anonymously as a regular customer in search of a diamond in the rough.

Al Kalf is located down an Alley of Whitechapel Road close to The East London Mosque and is a Somali 🇸🇴 restaurant serving up some really tasty food. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much but head downstairs to the basement you’ll find a simple no-frills clean seating area.

I didn’t know much other than a high score on google and a few images from the takeaway menu. There are no actual menus in the restaurant, so literally said to our server “One Lamb and one chicken boss man” and had no idea what do expect.. 

10mins later we got a massive plate of rice filled with delicious a soft, tender and massive oven-baked lamb shank that had loads of flavour and along with the lamb was an equally impressive piece of really tasty chicken, crispy skin on the outside, soft delicate chicken cooked perfectly on the inside, flavoured with traditional East African spices.

Honestly, every bite of lamb and chicken was met with satisfaction and it was a joy to eat. Somethings you would get a really tasty bit of fatty lamb that had deep flavour, so so good.

The lamb and rice was £12 and chicken and rice was £7 so we ate like Kings for £19 and still had enough to take away between 2 of us.

Fully Halal. Masjid next door. Card accepted. No alcohol served or permitted.

The restaurant plan to open a new dining area in the main road in the coming few weeks so keep an eye out for the review of that!

I paid for my meal. Not a invite. 

Apana des, Indian Address: 105 Ilford Ln, Ilford IG1 2RJ

Came here as I’m local, it was really bad. I ordered masala Chips which were just fries with some spice powder on top, I returned those. 

Got a chicken paratha roll, which was poor, it was some chicken, salad and paratha – not even rolled up.

But the worse was the Afghani lamb Kharai, it tasted like boiled meat in water with tomatoes, not flavour, the meat was tough and just awful all around. 

Bella Cosa, Italian Address: Drewry House, 213 Marsh Wall, London E14 9FJ

A rare Italian restaurant with a halal menu, read the full review here

Blu Ivy Cafe, Breakfast

A cute cafe right by the water near Victoria Park Hackney/Bethnal Green @bluivycafe is a cafe that has halal options available We ordered the Vegetarian Full English, French toast and Halal American Fantasy (🥞 pancakes)) and some juices.

The food was good and I was impressed with the portion for the pancakes in particular the number of halal turkey rashers, there must of been 10 pieces. The French toast had too much Berry compote, it made the bread soggy and overpowered the dish. Really liked the vegetarian English Breakfast, especially the roast potatoes. The halal full English which I didn’t order is priced at £12.95 which is a bit steep for breakfast food, but you are paying for the picturesque location which looks amazing on a sunny day.

Halal items are clearly labelled. I confirmed with staff who stated, non-halal items are cooked Separate. As most customers order the halal English breakfast, that’s cooked in the grill and non-halal items are cooked in pans separately from the main grill. I paid for my meal in full. Not a invite. Went as a normal customer.

Bonda Kitchen, Malaysian Address: 190 Sussex Gardens, Tyburnia, London W2 1TU

I’m a massive fan of Malaysian food so was excited to get an invite from a new Malaysian cafe! First 2 quick facts – this restaurant is one of only 4 places in zone one / central London that has a fully halal menu and permits no alcoholic drinks.

Second, it’s the only restaurant that also serves HMC poultry, beef and lamb in zone 1. It’s not fully HMC (certified) as they have halal duck and HMC don’t do duck. Duck needs to be imported from outside the UK. (I know HMC is important for some followers) Tucked away in a little basement in Paddington @bondakitchenlondon specialises in Dim Sum and other Malaysian classics. I visited back in early August & tried a mix of steamed dim sum, deep-fried dim sum,  duck and rice, beef rendang bao buns, noodles and Nasi goreng.

The best thing I ate was surprisingly the Calamari! This was the best I’ve ever had, unbelievably soft and tender squid with a light crispy batter. Recommended. The steamed dim sum platter featured a mix of chicken and seafood the yellow one (Cod Saffron) was the standout. Worth trying. I also tried some deep-fried dim sum, (more like springs rolls) but these didn’t do it for me. Very oily and greasy and no flavours of the fillings were standing out. I was looking forward to the beef rendang bao buns, but found the beef tough and lacking the deep rich flavours I expect from a well-made rendang.

Also tried a nasi lemak Ayam berempah, this translates to rice with spicy fried chicken, a dish you see everywhere in Malaysia. You get a very generous portion of very flavourful chicken that’s also served with a tasty sambal and fried lemongrass garnish.

Most of the dishes I ate were suggestions from the lovely owner who was throwing the menu at me to get a flavour of everything. Speaking of the owners, it’s a husband and wife duo and the wife was so warm and lovely, felt like we were eating at her home, not a restaurant, she was warm and friendly to all the tables, not just us! All food halal. No alcohol served I was invited and the meal was complimentary.

Cafe 621, Middle Eastern Address: 621 Romford Rd, London E12 5AD

For My first meal of after Lockdown (17.05.21) I decided to visit @cafe_621 who are pretty much the only restaurant outside of Edgware Road that does good Lebanese food. I reviewed it during lockdown as a home delivery and really enjoyed it so I wanted to try it again

I got a mix shawarma with chips and a tabbouleh, along with a wrap and drink. The shawarma is really good here and they use the more expensive cuts of lamb, so that’s a reason for the good quality and taste in food. The chilli sauce is also on point. The restaurant area is small, but comfortable with screens between tables for extra safety, the decor has a traditional Arabian cave feel. Good food, not fancy or anything, more of a cafe vibe.

Total was around £30. I paid for this meal in full. Thoughts are my own.

Chapandaz, Afghani Address: Chapandaz Restaurant, 399 Barking Rd, London E6 2JT

As part of a new review series; I’m visiting restaurants that could be a hidden from gem and I’m off to a cool start with this unassuming restaurant called Chapandaz located in East Ham

From the outside, the restaurant looks like a takeaway and not a place one would want to visit and I was close not to walk in but I’m glad I did as I had a great meal.

Afgan Kebab £12.99
Salad Shirazi £3.99
Borani Bademjan £5.50
Qabuil Palow £12.99
Mumtaz £13.99
Chapli kebab (2 peice with naan) £9.00

I was surprised with the cooking level of the kebabs, they weren’t overcooked or dry, but rather cooked perfectly, tender and really juicy. I enjoyed every item, in particular the aubergine dish. The lamb kebabs came with 2 skewers 10 pieces in each, the signature Qabuil Palow was again cooked perfect and featured a soft falling off the bone lamb shank.
The green chilli sauce was also brilliant as well! Basically, everything I had was good…even the salad.

So a great hidden gem and worth a visit. All food halal. No alcohol served. I paid for my meal and visited as a regular customer.

Chicktopia, Burgers Address: 3rd Floor, Lakeside, Unit 433, Food Court, W Thurrock Way, Grays RM20 2ZP

Located in the food court at Lakeside, the Chicken is halal here.

Cobblers Cafe, Breakfast Address: 241 Fore St, London N18 2TY

The last place I ate out in 2021 was a newly opened fully halal cafe in North London. A solid spot for breakfast and lunch and its also HMC.

COCO Restaurant, Turkish Address: 34a Shad Thames, London SE1 2YG

This was the most popular restaurant opening of 2021  – read the full review here

Corner Stone, Modern European Address: 3 Prince Edward Rd, London E9 5LX

Came here for my Birthday, it has a Michelin star and is known for seafood dishes. No halal options.

Dilara, Uyghur Address: 27 Blackstock Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 2JF

If you are a proper foodie that likes trying something new, then here’s a little hidden gem of a place @dilara_uyghur_resturanti 📍 Located in Finsbury Park

This is an authentic Uyghur restaurant (only a handful in London) Pictured is a speciality dish, a giant plate of lip tingling spicy chicken with a noodles and potatoes. Made with 14 different spices this was a flavour-packed dish that made my lips tingle. I also tried a fresh out of oven Uyghur Samsa, a pastry bun filled with lamb. Really unqiue and tasty. Got some lamb kebabs skewers, but these were missing the chili powder coating that I normally expect to find with Uyghur kebabs.

The restaurant from the outside appears to be a Turkish takeaway and does after Turkish menu, but inside you are served the Uyghur menu. Which can best be described as a fusion of Chinese, Turkish and Indian food. A good place to try if you want some new and different. It’s a family-run restaurant that’s simple and no fuss. Alcohol is served, but it’s mainly for people that come to Arsenal on match days (I didn’t see any tables drinking). The meat and chicken is from a HMC supplier, but due to the fact they serve alcohol are not permitted to promote HMC.

Dilpasand, Pakistani

Dishoom Covent Garden, Indian

Full Review of the New Dishoom in Covent Garden here

Diyarbakir, Turkish Address: 52-53 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, Harringay Ladder, London N4 1AG

Made a trip to Green Lanes in Harringay, home to a Turkish style restaurant on every corner. With so many options, I decided to have a quick bite at one that I hadn’t been to before and went for the popular @DIYARBAKIRKITCHEN

Went on a Friday with no reservation and despite looking super busy we luckily got a nice large table straight away. The menu has all the usual suspects, me and the wife decided to keep it simple and get a hummus donner and a mix kebab, which is a good choice, as it’s like a mixed platter but enough for 2 and costs half the price of a sharing platter £49 for the cheapest one.

With the mixed kebab £22.90. I got Lamb Shish, chicken Shish, Adana, chicken donner, lamb donner with rice. We also were served the standard complimentary bread, salad and yoghurt. Food was tasty and good portions, we even had leftovers.

This spot is highly rated and its hard to shine with so much competition. I paid for this meal.

Dusk, Fusion Address: Ongar Rd, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood CM15 9SS

I made a trip to @duskbrentwood in Brentwood, Essex, where I was #invited to experience a new menu in development. I tried a 5 course tasting menu (price £69) it was a great experience full of theater, fun and food science at your table.

Started the evening with some really good Mocktails, very sweet but loads of flavour. The tasting menu started with some salmon and cream cheese dish, with some gold. Then moved to some wagyu beef with loads of foaming on the plate Next was the Black cod, which was a delicious item and my favourite of the night. Followed by the main course, I opted for the lambchops which came with a little fire that burnt at the table for 15mins, also tried a very genorous portion and tasty duck Biryani

The final course was our favourite. The chef really had some fun at our table with this one and created a dessert on the table with loads of dry ice and other magic served up. The dramatic foodie experience is the draw here. It was great fun and something different. Great for a special occasion. Most of the food was good, but room for improvement in some areas. I was invited to provide honest feedback. Thoughts my own.

Fatt Pundit, Indian

Fiore Dell Amore, Italian Address: 192a Brick Ln, London E1 6SA

Check out this new Fully Halal Italian restaurant in Brick @fioredellamoreuk The striking decor of hanging flower gardens and colourful flowers on every wall makes this place instagramable. There’s a fully halal menu and dry bar severing non alcoholic drinks like Mocktails but also has imported halal wine.

Strawberry Bellinis £5.95 really good Mocktail!
Pina colds £4.95 not bad.
Sparking Wine £5.95 wasn’t to my taste

I went for a sharing platter for £14.95 and sourdough Bruscheta £4.95 The sharing platter looked epic! Its meant for 2 people but the portion size was massive, the sourdough garlic bread was excellent, I also liked the Bruscheta.

My favourite was the spaghetti bolognese £9.95, a very hearty portion with flavours that worked well, something I’d happy try again. Also tried a Gnocchi sorreentia £9.95, cooked in a simple tomato sauce. Carbonara, typically made with panchetta, here turkey rashers are used in this Italian classic. £9.95 Saw some chicken tacos as well which I got, it also came with nachos on the side. I wasn’t too keen on this. £8.95

Finished the meal off with a yummy chocolate fondant and sweet waffle for dessert. Overall food-wise, while although nothing I had blew me away it’s great to a new addition to the halal scene that’s not a burger or grill joint. There’s a good range of halal pasta dishes made with halal beef and no wine.

I was invited to review here, meal was complimentary.

Fredos, Grill Address: 823 Romford Rd, London E12 6EA

I headed down to @fredosldn as it’s been a good few years since I last visited. I went as a regular paying customer.

Here’s what I got

Rib eye steak £26.95
Chicken Tandoori Pizza £9.95
Chicken Parmsan Steak £14.95
Mac N cheese £3.65
Halloumi Fires £5.95
Bumble Gum mojito £5.95

When I visited a few years ago, I was impressed with the steak, it was later when I discovered they used a supplier that was renowned for rearing and producing quality steaks.

However, in a move to go HMC they now changed to a different supplier who produces a steak that’s much lower in standard and quality, sadly HMC normally means poorly quality (yes this is true)

At £26.95 I was expecting a good tasting steak, however, it lacked any real depth in flavour you get from dry ageing. I requested medium-rare but it was closer to medium but just about okay. It claims to be a 28 day aged steak, I very much doubt it. It was on par with rib-eye steaks you can buy at selected Tesco and Asda stores for around £7. Absolutely not worth the price, it is should be around £14. Not worth it.

The good was the spicy chicken Tandoori pizza, good tasting pieces of chicken, generous in amount and a good balance of heat from green chillies and pizza sauce and it tasted great the next day as leftovers.

The chicken parma was really tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, I liked this dish a lot, the French onion signature sauce went perfectly and was excellent, I asked for more.

The venue is spacious and is decorated with flowers on every wall to create that popular insta worth vibe that’s so popular these days.

All food halal. No alcohol. I paid for my meal.

Goodmans, Steak Address: 24-26 Maddox St, London W1S 1QH

my birthday last week and it’s pretty hard to find a new restaurant that I haven’t been to. I decided to check out @goodman_london steak house located just off Regents Street. Goodmans is the big brother to my favourite steak restaurant Zelmans Meats.

On the menu are a range of steaks, please note that ONLY the CANADIAN ANGUS is halal. Also, some other dishes like mac N cheese are not halal, it’s made with a beef stock that is not halal, (they made one with no beef stock for me) however when you book (and trust me you need to book in advance) there’s an option for halal, but it’s always a good idea to remind your server before you order. Our server was great, very knowledgeable with the menu and what foods we couldn’t eat and made suggestions of how certain items can be made halal friendly for us.

I went for the menu standard Canadian rib eye 400g priced at £37, but you can order smaller sizes which cost less as well.

I ordered medium rare and I do like my steaks pink in the middle, but this was actually a bit too rare for me, some parts where med rare some rare. It’s a big cut and I managed to eat half of it. Taste wise, I was expecting deeper beefer flavour profile but I didn’t get that feeling. Maybe it was too rare for me. Thinking about it now, it could of done with a bit more salt. I took the rest home and recooked the next day to a medium rare for my preference and It is actually turned out great.

For starters we got prawn Tempura £14, if you have had dynamite strimp before this was similar. Also got Argentinan prawns £15, these were great, massive prawns in a Chilli shiso dressing.

My wife got a half lobster as a main course, the Kicthen staff where also happy to do the hard part and extract all the lobster meat so it was easy to eat.

The ambience of the restaurant was not the best place for a birthday celebration/date night meal. It was packed very loud, lots of tables of lads going for a steak after work.

Would I go back again.. Yeah, I would. Probably would get a smaller cut. There’s also a restaurant in Canary Wharf. Paid for the meal.

Grand Trunk Road, Indian Address: 219 High Rd, London E18 2PB

Looking for Michelin levels of Indian food without going into Central London? Then here’s one for you Full review Here

Haweli, Pakistani Address: 300-302 Ilford Ln, Ilford IG1 2LR

It’s not often I give a restaurant a second chance after a poor first visit, but @haweli.restaurant (located near where I live on Ilford Lane) reached out and wanted me to give them another try so I went last Friday night and here’s what I got.

Mixed Grill £20.99
Chaapi Kebab £3.99
Chilli Panner £5.99
Charsi Chicken 1/2 £16.99
Lamb Handi £9.49
Bhindi Masala £7.49
Keema Naan £3.99
Garlic Naan £1.99
Kheer £4.99

Sadly it wasn’t second time lucky, I still found the food below average and wasn’t impressed with most of what I ate.

The mix grill at over £20 was disappointing, with the exception of the sheesh kebab, every item was bland, hard, dry and suffered from being overcooked, probably due to being served on a hot sizzling plate.

The chappi kebab was nice, crispy exterior, with good flavours and nice texture The chilli panner was poor, no texture or colour just some Panner tossed with a sweet unbalanced sauce.

I was recommended to try the house special Charsi Chicken, whilst the dish looked impressive, it wasn’t to my taste. I found the raw acidity of the tomatoes create an overpowering flavour and it just tasted like boiled chicken with tomatoes. Avoid.

The poor cooking continued with the Bhindi Masala, a bowl of oily goo that looked like it was made a week ago, the menu described it as cooked in a dry masala. All I could taste was the unhealthy amount of oil, zero taste of Okra. Awful.

I got a lamb handi, while meat was tender and soft, overall the dish lacked depth of flavour.

The Keema naan was decent but half was burnt and inedible. The saving grace was the kheer it was tasty and very good.

Food is still below average and I definitely won’t ever return, nor would I recommend this place. Much better places for food in the area. Yet it’s still busy. The service was good and the interior is spacious and clean.

I was invited to review. Meal was complimentary.

Japes, Pizza Address: 22-25 Dean St, London W1D 3RY

Say CHEESEEEEE 🧀 pull! Today for lunch I headed into 📍 SOHO for a quick bite of deep Dish Pizza from @japes I’m a big fan of deep pan pizzas and this was the thickest, sauciest and cheesiest I’ve had. Japes have halal chicken and vegan options available, but I decided to go for a simple classic Margherita and a Mediterranean pizza. Both were loaded with toppings and plenty of sauce.

Pizzas are extremely filling as I was pretty much done after one slice! So 1 pizza could be enough for 2. Also got a truffle dip for the thick crust which was great. Good spot in Soho if you like your 🍕

Alcohol served., Halal Chicken only, Vegan options available

this meal was complimentary

Kanishka, Indian Address: 17-19 Maddox St, London W1S 2QH

A new Indian restaurant off Regents Street @kanishkamayfair is a fine dining restaurant with a traditional Indian menu. I ordered from the A la carte menu

Chicken Tikka pie £19 A very uniquely presented dish, with a dome puff pastry middle that housed a chicken tikka filling.

My favourite dish, Gangtok momos £18. I threw a whole Momo straight in my mouth, which burst the dumpling & released an explosion of flavour like a delicious flavour bomb (lamb filling) a rare 10/10 dish.

Tandoori mix grill £24 consisting of a lake district lamb chop, jumbo King prawn, cornish seabass & corn fed chicken tikka. The presentation could be better, lamb chop was soft & tender but needed more flavour. The chicken was a bit dry, slightly overcooked thus not juicy. Seabass was the best item on the plate cooked perfect & tasted great.


A £33 biryani, everything was cooked perfectly & the pineapple Rita was actually delicious, but at £33 I was expecting a mind-blowing biryani but this was just solid good one.

Lake District lamb rump £35. A disappointing dish spoilt by an overpowering salty curry sauce. The waiter noticed my 😒 face & attempted to send it back to the kitchen, but as I was reviewing here I left it (if I was paying I would send it back, you should always do so, no matter the price or restaurant)

For dessert, I went for the instagramable Chocolate Sphere £13 with Cherry mousse & salted caramel sauce. Also got the Peanut Butter Parfait £13 with Banana cake, caramelized banana & 24-carat gold leaf, a really balanced dessert with loads of components that worked well together

The service was what I’d expect from a restaurant aiming for a Michelin star, waiters were extremely attentive, excellent all round. The upstairs dining room has an art deco style with jazz playing creating a fine dining environment.

Place is ideal for a special occasion or date night. I recommended the cost effective set menus available for £45 Sun-Thurs or lunchtime 3 courses for £35 or the 5 plates for £30 offer. Check their website for more info.

Chicken & lamb are halal only. The wagyu beef is not halal. Meal was complimentary. review on the blog next week

Kekik, Turkish Address: 226 High St, Bromley BR1 1PQ

I made a rare trip South of the river to Bromley to visit the stylish and modern Turkish restaurant @kekikkitchen

Serving up really tasty and quality Turkish dishes. I was impressed with the overall ambience and decor which was sophisticated and matched the level of food.

Khana Kazana, Indian Address: 222A Green St, London E7 8LE

The service might be Meh and there’s no flower walls for your socials, but it doesn’t matter coz the curries are bangin at @khanakhazanalondon on Green Street. I’ve been twice now and the food has been very tasty.

Chicken Jalfrazi, Lamb Karahi and Saag Gohst were full of flavour and well balanced. Priced are very good as well with curries that are enough to share between to are £8 each

Service is a bit strange, for a proper sit down restaurant they have a pay before you eat system which is annoying especially if you want to order anything extra, just puts you off from doing so.

But as Pakistani restaurants go, this one is clean, simple but serve tasty food at a reasonable price

Kibele, Turkish Address: 175-177 Great Portland St, London W1W 5PJ

 is a Turkish Restaurant located in Central London, on Great Portland Street. I’ve actually been before for a Christmas work lunch (obviously they asked me to pick the place) a few years ago when I worked nearby and it was good then, so I was happy to be invited and pay another visitm

I went with @thehalalcitylife and here is what we got, as usual, I ordered more than the usual as it was a review meal.

Here is what we got

Borek (V) £7.50
Pastries made of a thin flaky phyllo dough filled with spinach and feta cheese

Calamari £8.90
Marinated fresh squid,

Sucuk & Hellim £7.50
Grilled Turkish beef garlic sausage & halloumi Cheese

Gourmet Hummus £6.90
Chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic cumin, tahini, topped pastrami

Goat’s Cheese & Honey Glazed Fig £14.90
Grilled goat’s cheese on a bed of mixed leaves, rockets, Beetroot, sultanas, and walnuts. Topped with honey Glazed fig and pomegranate Molasses.


Sarma Beyti £17.90
Slightly spicy fresh prime lamb finely chopped, blended with herbs, garlic and spices. Wrapped in freshly baked flatbread dressed with thick creamy butter and our house tomato sauce. Served with yoghurt and bulgur.

Iskender £18.90
Choice of grilled lamb or chicken, on a bed of crispy bread, fresh tomato sauce, creamy yoghurt, drizzled with melted butter.

Kibele Special £21.90
Char-grilled lamb cubes, chicken cubes, spicy lamb skewer, chicken kofte, chicken wing and lamb cutlet. (we requested lamb ribs to be added) more than enough for 2 people.

Baklava £7.50
Phyllo pastry rolls filled with crushed pistachios and honey syrup. Served with pistachio ice cream

All the food I had was good, a solid meal with dishes that didn’t disappoint, the food was well cooked and service was fast and attentive. The Baklava dessert was pretty darn good! Prices reflect the location of being in Central London and the decor is modern and sophisticated.

The downstairs area becomes pretty lively on a Friday and Saturday night, so if you want some fun that’s a good day to go, other wise upstairs is more for date night or dinner with friends

All food is halal. Alcohol is served. Meal was complimentary. Thoughts my own.

Kyice’s Kitchen, Caribbean Address: 76 Brick Ln, London E1 6RL

Halal Caribbean Food from @kyiceskitchen a restaurant that you may not know about. Located in Brick Lane

The menu has loads of Halal Caribbean dishes and they specialise in seafood boils in a bag

However, on sundays there’s a special Sunday roast for only £11.95 so I decided to check that out

You get the option of roast lamb, jerk chicken and roast chicken. With that comes mac N cheese, rice and beans, roast potatoes, roast parnsips, steamed broccoli and Yorkshire puddings with gravy.

The presentation and appearance of the food wasn’t the best (I tried making a reel, but it was pretty lame), but what is lacks in looks it makes up in pure comfort and taste. I enjoyed every bite and cleaned my plate. It really had a nice home cooked feeling, in particular the rice was really tasty.

Some items were not fresh, like the Yorkshire puds, I could tell that most of what’s on plate was all precooked and reheated, I guess this is what keeps the costs down, I think it’s good value for money and you get to try a lot of different items.

The lamb I had was made well and tasted good. However, I found the chicken to be slightly on the dry side, it would have been better if it was tender and moist.

I would definitely come back and recommend the Sunday roast, but there’s still loads of other things on the menu for you to try.

Lahroi Dabar, Pakistani

Lara Grill, Turkish Address: 20 Whalebone Ln S, Dagenham RM8 1BJ

I checked out @laragrilldagenham clean, modern and cosy Turkish restaurant situated in Dagenham, that’s recently had a refurbishment. This place was recommended to be from a follower when I asked you guys for suggestions.

I have to say I was very impressed with the food and overall experience. Wasn’t that hungry and ordered just 2 mains.

Incik, a slow roasted lamb shank served in a bed of mash potatos. A massive bit of lamb, very soft and tender, but the flavours were also on point £15.90

Also got a lasagna, I know, not a very authentic Turkish dish but this was really enjoyable, sublte flavours and nicey layered £12.80

The complimentary salad and bread was excellent as well.

I’m definitely going to be visting again. There’s a car park next to the restaurant, prices are decent, good service, nice decor and mostly importantly good food.

I paid for my meal. All food halal. Alcohol served.

Manjal, Indian Address: First Floor, Drewry House 213 Marsh Wall meridian place (south quay, London E14 9FJ

Last month I reviewed the italian restaurant @bellacosauk. Above them is a Indian restaurant called @manjalrestaurantuk that’s part of the same restaurant group and they #invited Me down. I brought along my parents for this one and I have to say we had a great meal!

Honestly, I was a bit sceptical before visiting as I thought it was gonna be a standard Indian.. However, some of the food I ate here was better than food from indian restaurants that have a Michelin star.

I’ll start with 3 items that were amazing, like unreal. The Tandoori mix grill featured 2 types of chicken tikka. In my life, I’ve never had chicken so tender, soft, juicy and tasty. It was just unbelievably good. Coriander chicken and a malali tikka. Both I score a rare 10/10

What’s the 3rd amazing item. The naan. Yes people. I had the best naan I’ve ever had. It was soft like a cloud, when me and my mum took a bite we both looked at each other with a look of pure ASTONISHMENT. I don’t know what it was. But it was so good!

Adaraki Tandoori Lamb Chops (not to be confused with the devil chops on the menu) brilliant – these premium quality chops from New Zealand where cooked perfectly in the Tandoor oven and the marinate used hit the spot. Up there with my favourite single chops from Hankies

Scores out of 🔟 for each dish I ate below. I ordered far more dishes than a regular paying customer would, as it was a review meal.


Medu Vada Chat £ 6.25, 7️⃣
Gobi 65 £ 6.50 8️⃣
Tilapia fish fry £ 11.956️⃣
Adaraki Tandoori Lamb Chops £ 12.95 9️⃣
Garlic King Prawn £ 12.95 9️⃣
Non veg assortment £ 18.50
(Chicken lollipop 7️⃣, devil lamb chops 7️⃣, prawn 657️⃣, chicken 65 7️⃣, masala fried Tilapia fish 6️⃣)
Mixed Meat Festive Grill £ 17.99
(Lamb chops 9️⃣, lamb sheek kebab6️⃣, Coriander chicken, 🔟tikka, malali tikka🔟, salmon tikka 5️⃣, king prawns 9️⃣)


Lamb Shank Rogan £ 15.507️⃣
Chicken Curry on the bone £ 10.956️⃣
Lamb Biryani £ 14.95 6️⃣
Paneer Dosa £ 8.95 9️⃣
Prawn fried rice £ 11.95 7️⃣
Keema naan £ 3.50 9️⃣
1xButter naan £ 2.95 🔟
1xplain naan £ 2.95 🔟

Food was complimentary. All food Halal. alcohol served.

The Mantl, Turkish Address: 142 Brompton Rd, London SW3 1HY

I made the 2 hour round trip on the district line to visit my favourite Turkish restaurant @mantlknightsbridge

I celebrated my 2 year wedding anniversary, my wife hadn’t been before so we decided to go. My last visit was 2 years ago when it first opened (as a invite) and it was a great experience. This time I went as a regular paying customer.

When we go to eat out we tend to order loads of starters rather than the traditional 1 starter and main each. That’s what we did here. It allows us to taste more of the menu, get more for our money and good left overs for tomorrow lunch.

Charred Aubergine £8
Grilled Prawns £12
Manti £8
Pulled lamb hummus £9

Mac N cheese £5
Tripple cooked chips £5

Adana £18

Apple juice £5
Nargile Swing £8

I don’t eat hummus that much, but Mrs HFG does and I’m glad she got this pulled lamb hummus dish because it was absolutely delicious!

I remember the Adana being amazing when I first tried it and it set the bar high for any Adana kebebs I had after that. This adana wasn’t as good as I remember from my 1st visit which was almost a 10/10, however, it was still very good, packed full of flavour and cooked perfectly so it wasn’t dry, 9/10

The mac N cheese was another favourite as to the grilled prawns which were fantastic.

My Nargile Swing drink was made with Strawberry, maple syrup, lemon juice and egg white.. Yes egg white. I liked this and better than over sweet standard fruit Mocktails.

For dessert, I got the MILK KADAYIF a dish I again had on my 1st visit and never found in any other restaurant since. Its like a milk cake meets Shemai (Sweet Vermicelli) I love it. The lady for a chocolate fondant both £9. But as it was our wedding anniversary the restaurant gave it to us on the house! Thanks @mantlknightsbridge

One of my most frequently asked questions are recommendations places for an anniversary, for me and my wife we want the food to be the most important thing, obviously, service and settings are important as well

Meatpoint, Burgers [Closed] Address: 395 Barking Rd, London E6 2JT

Came across a new Local Restaurant that’s fully halal that’s serving some tasty Halal burgers. I was pleasantly surprised with this burger. A tasty thick 5oz beef patty made from chuck with a 80:20 ratio of fat to beef. Its also cooked on a flat top grill, so that keeps the flavours better

The bun was a buttery brioche and I have to say this was a very well made burger. Its been a while I had a burger that’s wasn’t a smashed one, but this was good and I recommend checking this place out for your next bunch. Especially while the 30% discount is running I do wish I ordered more burgers, but I’m still on a diet and didn’t want to order food just for pics.

I also tried a few others things on the menu, like the lamb donner and hot dog but they weren’t on the level as the burgers and I don’t recommend them. Grilled Halloumi, Mocktails and shakes were good, as to was the flavour of the grilled peri wings.

My meal was complimentary. Review and words my own. All food halal. No alcoholic drinks served. Muslim owned.

Melih, Turkish Address: 1177 High Rd, Romford RM6 4AL

Melih, a Turkish restaurant in Romford, Essex. Once we sat down we were given complimentary bread, salad and a Lahmacun as well. So that’s a good start.

Just ordered the Melih special for 2 people, £22.50. Now it was meant to come with the following. 1 Adana, chicken Shish, Lamb Shish, 5 chicken wings, 3 lamb ribs and 2 lamb chops. I was looking forward to the lamb, as that’s my preferred meat of choice.

But when it arrived, after a min, I realised there was no lamb chops. But 1 tiny extra wing and one chicken kofa…strange. I didn’t think this was correct.

I was a bit confused and asked where are the chops. Staff said they didn’t have any chops left. So they gave me a chicken kofta extra.. With no acknowledgement or letting me know beforehand. I said I wanted lamb, but they insisted, they had no chops.

They then said they can give me more lamb ribs.. I said fine.. But then saw there were actually no ribs on the platter to start with either! Then after I complained again, they said they will give me ribs, but acted like it was extra! After 10mins some ribs were dumped on the platter. But I was like. This was meant to come anyway!

Then after another round of complaining from me.. Guess what.. Lamb chops suddenly were available again and I got some at the end of the meal. I said well I’ve finished now, they said you can take it home.

I just don’t understand what happened here. I’ve eaten so many places, but never had a restaurant lie and try to scam me.

The food was actually decent, but the sneaky and dishonest service left a bad taste in my mouth and more a negative and disappointing experience.

Chilli sauce was great, but they have a thing with serving burnt bread. Prices are really low, like back in the day prices. But so is the decor and service. A shame really. Which I don’t care about. I’m all about food taste and quality.

On to the next random restaurant! All food halal. HFA certificate on display. I paid in full.

My Shish, Turkish Address: 20 Woodford New Rd, London E17 3PR

A spot with a wow factor! @myshish.london is a new FULLY HALAL spot located in North East London with a Turkish inspired menu with a great atmosphere. Read review here

Needo’s Grill, Pakistani Address: 87 New Rd, London E1 1HH

It’s been a long time since I’ve last been to a old school curry house, I made a trip to @needoogrill in Whitechapel and got lucky finding parking right outside the restaurant. Once seated I had a look at the menu which also serves as a disposable table mat. Here are the main items we ordered.

Lamb Chops £8.50
Pakora £3.50
Lamb Karahi £9.95
Karahi Keema £9.95
Lamb Biryani £9.50

Lamb Chops. Its been ages since I’ve had these style of chops in any restaurant and eating them reminded me why I’ve avoided them. 4 chops, overcooked, thin, dry and poor quality. Although the taste of the marinate was good, it just was an example of quantity over quality. I’ll rather have one £7 chop from a modern Indian than these.

The lamb Karahi on the menu at just under £10 for a small, was truly disappointing. Zero, and I mean zero flavours, taste or spice it was, without doubt, the balandest curry I have ever had. The meat was cooked perfectly, however, the sauce was just awful. In retrospect I should of sent that back.

The biryani was middle of the road, nothing special and the Keema curry was better than the other 2 dishes but it didn’t take much to achieve that level of merit. The one saving grace is the mango lassi. Honestly, it’s simple but brilliant and the best around.

Another issue is the ridiculously fast service, as I was about to have a poppadom, the sizzling lamb chops starters arrived and before I was able to take a bite.. the mains were out. Not great if you came out to enjoy a relaxed meal. Just felt rushed.

I think places like this are best for large groups, where you can share costs and portion sizes are enough for 2 to 3 people. Smaller groups like couples can’t really enjoy a range of flavours from dishes. My bill came to £50 for 2. Honestly, didn’t feel like it was worth it.

The food was mediocre, it was a reminder to me that the new style of Indian restaurants that offer smaller tapas-style plates are better for the wallet and taste buds. Also, they don’t give tap water, within their right not to as they don’t serve alcohol..but come on!

Not recommended. All food halal. No alcohol served. I paid for my meal.

Ooki Sushi, Suhsi

Papadums, Indian Address: 20 James St, London W1 1EH

I made a trip into Central London to check out a new Indian Street Food restaurant @papadumstreetkitchen I got a range of Indian food dishes and all of them tasted great. I was also impressed with the prices, especially as its central London, with prices ranging from under £5 to £8 for small plates.

All the food is halal, apart from one vension dish. Most of the seating is located outside, with only a few seats available inside. My only issue was it took a while for the food to come out, as a food blogger I had to wait for all the food to arrive so I can film.. Then eat. But it wasn’t too bad.A good spot for a quick bite, I also tried the thali, but at £14.95 I was expecting more Than 2 chicken curries. So, skip that and order load sod small plates to share with friends.

A friend of mine ate here last week and told them about me, so they reached out and invited me down. I bought that same friend along for round 2. ☺

Meal was complimentary. Thoughts my own.

Qurkey Cafe, Breakfast

Last weekend my wife and I were looking for a new breakfast spot and after a bit of searching she found @querkycafe
Which happens to be Halal so we decided to give them a go. They have 3 locations so we decided to visit the closest one to us in Forest Gate.

When we got there I was a little surprised to find such a small cafe.. However they told me to walk down the side which lead us to a lovley secret indoor garden dining area.

The menu has the Classic English breakfast as well a low carb Keto Breakfast option as well and there’s also some brunch options like chicken N waffles.

We went for a Big Breakfast which was actually enough for the 2 of us, all fresh and well made in particular the hash brown. You can also swap out items, we swapped the turkey rashers for grilled Halloumi.

Been a while since I had chicken N waffles and I enjoyed this dish. I was expecting something premade but the waffle and chicken tasted fresh and homemade.

Ordering and payment is done via your phone and the system worked well. The staff were genuinely friendly and service was good.

There’s no fruit juices on the menu and no eggs Royale etc style dishes but, they have smoothies and other options.

I’ll definitely be back again. All food halal. No alcohol. I paid for my meal and was not invited.

Rasa Sayung Chinatown, Malaysian

Rayaan, Somali

Saffron Street, Indian Address: 448-450 Cranbrook Rd, Gants Hill, Ilford IG2 6LL

I visited Saffron Street, the sister restaurant of the long-standing and popular Saffron Kitchen during the first week of the restaurants opening. 20/05/21

Located in Gants Hill Ilford, the spacious restaurant is split into 2 parts, each having a unique atmosphere and theme. You really don’t feel like you are stepping inside a restaurant in East London, this place has all the vibes of a modern contemporary Indian restaurant in Central.

Here’s what I ordered

Pani Puri £5.5
Samosa Chaat £6
Masala Chips £4.75
Gobi Lasoono £6
Dosa Manhattan £8
Lucknowi Darbarrri Thaali £22
Keema Naan £4

Overall, I liked the modern and quirky presentation of some dishes, like the Pani Puri, a classic street food dish from India, it was good, 6/10, mint water was a bit strong. The samosa chaat was better, nice layering and sauces used brought it all together. 7/10

Masala chips is a classic that has been a popular item for a decade. Tasty and worth getting 8/10

The main meal was the Thaali. I decided to get this as it gives me a chance to sample loads of items without ordering them individually. It consisted of lamb chops, Sholay chicken wings, Dhaba gosht, butter chicken, daal Makani, pilau rice, 2 types of naan, onion salad and kheer for dessert.

At £22, it’s very expensive in my opinion, maybe if was a restaurant in Central London it should justify the price. Dissatisfaction was with the so-called lamb chops, with tasted nothing like lamb, I’m convinced it was mutton. In the central London restaurant, the lamb chops there are thick and don’t have the layer of fat removed, unlike these ones. But overall, everything else tasted good!

Despite this small negative, everything else was good, including the delicious kheer for dessert.

I’d definitely recommend here for a catch up with friends or date, or even dinner with the family. Would I return? Yes I would. You can tell, there’s care and attention here to the food, service and restaurant experience

The bill was £60 for 2 of us, no drinks. Service charge is not added. Although I’d been invited, I decided to go as a regular customer and paid for my meal in full.

Salash Kitchen, Turkish Address: 84-86 High Rd, London E18 2NA

SKVP Diner, Indian Address: 219 Cranbrook Rd, Cranbrook, Ilford IG1 4TD

I honestly can’t remember the last time I discovered a restaurant the old fashioned way by just walking past it for the first time. We noticed a colourful street food restaurant that we have never seen before so we deiced to take a chance… And we were happy we did

S.K.V.P @CONTACTSKVP is an authentic vegetarian Indian Street food restaurant that has loads of classic items available

Yes, it’s vegetarian, but I really didn’t miss the meat plus its always good to reduce your meat intake (says the guy that was planning on a meat feast at Sultan 😂)

The menu had sooo many options that it was hard to figure out what do get but I got a couple of dishes. The Chilli Panner was, without doubt, the best Panner I’ve had and would go back just for that.

Also got their speciality dish the Vada Pav as well as trying their Pani Puri which came with a bottle of mint water that you can take home. We also got a samosa chaat, a bit different in the texture to the regular ones I’ve had, a bit more saucey but the tamarind sauce was on point.

This is really proper authentic Indian food. Highly recommended.

Bill was only £18 and the service was fast. I’ll definitely be going back and try more of their food once I’m off my low carb Keto diet! I paid for my meal in full. Not an invite.

Smokin Grill, Grill Address: 12 Claybury Broadway, Ilford IG5 0LQ

Spice Khazana, Indian Address: 266-268 High Rd, Ilford IG1 1QF

A buffet spot that I went to 3 times in as many months, my first visit was great, loads of items available and everything tasted great and only £15 per person.

Spice Hut Romford, Fast Food Address: 1b Arcade Pl, Exchange St, Romford RM1 1RS

Donner and chips from the fanciest @spicehut_official there is. Was actually a decent quick bite. But I prefer Turkish donner not this desi style. Obviously, chips in a metal cup made them taste 👌

Yes people. A flower 🌸 wall makes all food taste better, right 😉 I had to make a trip here to see it for myself and it was magical. I’m hoping they start using dry ice soon.

Parking is available in The Brewery Car Park.

Sushi and Thai Express, Sushi Address: 98 Mile End Rd, Stepney Green, London E1 4UN

Here’s a little new halal restaurant, that does sushi and Thai dishes. Located in Stepney Green @sushi_and_thai_express . I went for a selection of sushi dishes. Although there’s some seating available downstairs, I’d say it’s more of a takeaway and delivery place as it’s a pretty basic seating area.

Here’s what I got and their menu item number as well.

7. Chicken Gyoza £4.95
11. Dragon Roll £9.95
19. Delux Box £11.95
21. Salim Vegan Box £11.95
28. Salmon Avocado Tempura Roll £6.95
33. Spicy Salmon Futomaki £8.95

My favourite items were 11,28 and 33. These were really tasty and I have to be honest, from the outside I wasn’t expecting much but these 3 sushi rolls were really yum. The mixed sushi boxes were good as well but not as good as the rolls.

A good spot if you are local to the area and want some sushi. There’s also Thai curries available that are made fresh to order.

My meal was complimentary.

Thaispice, Thai Address: 292 Hackney Rd, London E2 7SJ

Here’s another New halal restaurant, this time it’s Thai food. Located in Haggerston @thaispicelondon serves up Thai fusion dishes.

The restaurant features a nice outdoor Rooftop seating area great on a sunny day, the bottom floor has a large dining area that can accommodate party groups, the middle floor has limited seating.

I got a custom platter (not on the menu) that featured wong tongs, chicken wings, spring rolls & fish cakes. Everything was fresh & tasted great, in particular the spring rolls, the fish cakes and the chicken wings, I was impressed, can’t fault anything. ​

Prawn Tom Yum soup
Kuay tiew pad kee Mao w/chicken
Gang kua sapparod duck
Khao pad thaispice sapprarod (pineapple rice)
Red Curry Chicken
Lamb chops 2pc
Grilled ribs 2pc
Chicken & mushroom pie

The Thai dishes here were tasty and authentic, in particular the fried pineapple rice, Tom Yum soup & the red curry. Also tried a special called Gang kua sapparod (with halal duck), but this was identical to the red curry (unknown to me) ! It did have a rich depth of flavour and tasted authentic, all mains had generous portions as well.

However, some dishes were not up to the same level in taste and satisfaction, the grilled Lamb chops and ribs were just grilled with no marination, with some poor tasting sauce coated over them after grilling. Not great.

I felt like a pie, yes, not an authentic Thai dish, but it is on the menu so I wanted to try it, however, as it wasn’t good at all, the filling was very mushy and lacked flavour, the sides were good.

Whilst the owner Naz was very welcoming and did his best to provide good service the mains took an age to arrive and I spent the best part of 3 hours from start to finish. Mainly because there were 2 groups of around 15 people that ordered at the same time (even though the six rule was in effect at the time, 3 weeks ago) so that caused a delay, which I can understand.

All the food is halal and alcohol is not served, however, customers are permitted to bring their own. One negative is that they don’t accept card and are cash only, which in this day and age I just don’t understand.

I was invited to review here.

The Best Kebeb, Turkish

The Courtyard, Fusion Address: 108 Woolwich High St, London SE18 6DN

I was invited to the opening night and I don’t normally go to events like this. This is not really a restaurant, its more of a shisha spot. It took over an hour for the food to arrive and nothing was worth mentioning. Lamb shank was decent, but not fair of me to write a review as it was so new and they were still finding their feet.

Toomai Square, Pan Asian Address: 5- 6 Lambarde square, London SE10 9GB

My experience with restaurants that have different cuisines on the menu in the past tend not to have the best food, but I was surprised with this spot just south of the river Full review here

Wok n Roll, Pan Asian Address: 61 Hanbury St, London E1 5JP

@woknroll.bricklane is a new FULLY HALAL restaurant that serves up Thai and sushi dishes Located just off Brick Lane

I was really impressed with the Thai 🇹🇭 Menu it provided some really excellent and quality dishes and I fully recommend trying here.

I highly recommend you order the starter platter that featured spring roll, chicken satay, prawn tempura prawn toast and thai fish cake at £10.99. Every item was good, however the prawn on toast and fish cakes were outstanding for me. All made in house and fresh. Also got some chicken wings, but I wasn’t keen on the flavours.

For the mains I got
Penang Curry with Chicken £7.49
A Slow cooked curry, cooked with coconut milk,
– the chicken was ridiculously soft and tender, while the curry was rich, deep in flavour and well balanced.

Pad Ma Khuer £6.99 – Aubergines with garlic, red chilli and stir fried sauce
– eat your veg! This was one of my favourite dishes. Tasted so good.

Nasi Goreng £8.49 – Malaysian stir fried rice cooked with egg spring onions and mixed vegetables.
– again, another really good dish I got it with prawns.

Pad Kee Mao £7.99 – Stir fried hofan noodle with chilli mixed vegetable and thai basil.

Having been to Thailand last year the food here really took me back to a happy place. Very good Thai food that I’d come back to.I also tried 2 Sushi rolls from the Japanese 🇯🇵 , a Signature Dragon roll and a soft shell crab Futomaki (both £9.99), both fell short of the mark and need some improvements so I’d stick to the Thai menu.

Drinks I got a pinna colda and blue Mocktails. All £4.99 and very good. The decor has a strong floral and contemporary oriental theme with subtle Japanese influences. Whilst the restaurant was empty when I visited the delivery side of things was non stop with delivery drivers coming and going every 2mins, so a good sign

I was invited. Food was complimentary. Thoughts my own. All food halal and no alcohol served.

Zamana, Indian Address: 36 Woodford Ave, Gants Hill, Ilford IG2 6XQ

I was invited to check out @zamanarestaurant a casual eatery that serves up Pakistani street food classics, located in Gants Hill, Ilford. With a lot of competition in the area this restaurant has a lot of really affordable items on a concise menu with starters that beginning at £4.

I asked to sample most of the non vegetarian starters as a custom platter (standard sizes are 4 peices) so I can try each item as well a few vegetarian options, but so some of whats pictured are smaller portions.

The Halloumi Pakora was a standout favourite, great texture and taste served in a fancy gold martini glass! Highly recommended. £4

The masala fries £5 and Gol gappe £4 were also better than most places I’ve had them.

I found the grilled meats (Lamb Tikka £6, lamb chops £10 and chicken tikkas £5) while having a good flavour, we’re slighty too overcooked and thus making them dry for like taste. I did like the fact that chicken thighs were used rather than the standard chicken breast (it tastes better but cooks faster) for the Chicken dishes. I passed this feedback on and this something that can be easily fixed. The Tandoori prawns at £13 were very good and tasty.

If you like your Mocktails with a strong sweet taste then you will love the ones here. Nicely made and presented well, but a bit pricey at £7.50 but they weren’t filed with loads of ice but good amount of actual drink that stayed strong all throughout the meal.

For mains I tried the lamb biryani, (£10) the lamb was soft and flavourful and the rice was light and delicate, but the addition of a lemon overpowered some mouthfuls with a strong undesirable citrus flavour.

I was recommended the sikandri lamb (£15), a slow cooked lamb shank with a light thick sauce served with rice. The lamb was ridiculously soft and tender and fell off the bone with minimal effort. The flavours were subtle but some parts were too salty, but weren’t salty the next day when I ate the left overs.. strange.

A place with potential and worth checking out as the prices are very reasonable, good drinks and attentive service as well. Good spot for groups.

My meal was complimentary. Thoughts are honest and my own.

Here is a searchable and sortable list of MOST of the places I ate out in 2021. I have not included any takeaway or dark kitchens. I have also added an overall score for each, based on the food quality/taste, value and overall experience.

NameRating 1st timeCuisine
6 Burgerz6yBurgers
Al Kalf9ySomalii
Antepliler Doner8nTurkish
Apana des3yIndian
Blu Ivy Cafe7.5yBreakfast
Bonda Kitchen6.5yMalaysian
Cafe 6216yMiddle Eastern
Cake and Custard2yDessert
Cobblers Cafe8YBreakfast
COCO Restaurant7.5yTurkish
Coffee Garden8nBreakfast
Corner Stone7yModern European
Cristina's8nModern European
Dishoom Covernt Garden6nIndian
Fatt Pundit7yIndian
Fatt Pundit Soho8.5nIndian
Fiore Dell Amore6.5yItalian
Franzos9nPeri peri
Grand Trunk Road7yIndian
Hankies Marble Arch9nIndian
Khana Kazana8yIndian
Kyice's Kitchen7yCaribbean
Lahroi Dabar8yIndian
Lara Grill9yTurkish
Munch Box7nBurgers
My Shish4.5yTurkish
Nandos Barking7nGrill
Needo Grill4.5nIndian
Ooki Sushi9ySuhsi
Peri Bros6.5nGrill
Pie Factory9nPies
Proper Burgers8.5NBurgers
Qurkey Cafe8YBreakfast
Rasa Sayung Chinatown7.5yMalaysian
Rasa Sayung Soho9nMalaysian
Saffron Street7yIndian
Salash Kitchen7.5yTurkish
Shavana bhavan7nIndian
Smokin Grill2yGrill
Spice Khazana8yIndian
Sushi and Thai7.5ySushi
The Best Kebeb7.5yTurkish
The courtyard6yFusion
The Mantl8.5nTurkish
Toomai Square6.5yPan Asian
Wok n Roll8.5yPan Asian

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