Located just behind Wembley Arena and the outlet centre is the desert spot Sugar Mill. The venue has a stylish interior that is similar to the styling and decor of a modern hotel lobby. There are regular tabled seating or nice big sofas.

The menu has a wide range of deserts and food options. I came here as i remember my friend over at @halalgems mentioning that they do slider burgers. So that’s what i went for.

I had a grilled chicken, lamb and beef mini burger. I wasn’t that impressed. It didn’t feel like quality. First the bread used for the bun just didn’t work, it was on the smaller side and the texture was too hard. The chicken was best slider of the lot, it had good flavours but the rest were poor. I didn’t take any enjoyment from eating the beef or lamb. It felt like a canopy than a slider burger lacking any juiciness or identifiable flavours.

Also hand a moroccan lamb burger, which also wasn’t impressive. I had the lamb burger from my local favorite Five Lads a few days before for less than £5 which much better compared to this. Moroccan burger was £10.95

Sliders cost £12.95 with one side, the side I picked was dirty fires which were absolutely brilliant. On par with the masala Chips from saffron kitchen.

Slider burgers are NOT available on event days.