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This place closed down in October 2022

Date of Visit: 14 July 2022

A new modern and contemporary Indian restaurant located in North London in Whetstone (I’ve never heard of it either)

The restaurant named after the French word for Black has a dark stylish interior to match its name. It’s been open for a few months, the launch did have some hype, I saw it over social media for a week, with fire shows and a very party-like atmosphere, I visited (Invite) on a Wednesday evening after all the initial opening hype has died down. The venue is split over 3 floors, fully halal, and serves no alcohol but does serve shisha.

Here are my honest thoughts on the food..

Small Plates

Chennai chilli prawns £13.50
Similar to dynamite prawns, this dish was good, I liked the contrast between the crispy outer batter and the soft texture of the prawns. The sauce could have more flavour, but overall a solid dish 7.5/10

No Back Chatt £8.50
I liked that the final touches of smashing the chaat and adding sauce were done at the table, the flavours and textures worked really well. 8/10

Kolkota Wings £10.50
Super soft Lollipop chicken wings that almost melted in the mouth. I really liked this dish a pleasure to eat and recommend. I just wish they have more than just 3 wings. 8.5/10

Lahori Lamb Chops £14.50
The quality of the lamb used is evident here, on par with high-end Indian restaurants in Central London. Cooked to a requested medium rare, French trimmed, Thick, soft and tender with the right flavour from the fat cap left on. However, there was a strong acidity and tangy flavour profile which I found overpowering and really let the taste down 6/10

*the dry ice show is only available on the starter platter. I asked if we could get one as it looks cool on reels.


Butter Chicken £19.50
I like a good butter chicken, however, this dish didn’t have much to like about it. Lacked depth in flavour, no hint of sweetness and overall pretty tasteless. The portion size didn’t reflect the price point. I did like the use of chicken thigh instead of the typical use of breast. 4/10

Cry me a Karahi £19.50
A very underwhelming and lacklustre curry. Completely absent of any flavour and an overuse of peppers and onions to make up for the few pieces of lamb which wasn’t very soft or tender. Not good value for money 3/10

3 Idiot sliders £22.50
Really didn’t like this. A salty wagyu meat curry in a Bao bun. I don’t understand using high-end meat when you just cover the taste with a dominant curry flavour. The meat was super soft but has no business being inside in a Japanese Bao bun. Just didn’t work at all 2/10

Short Rib Biryani £20
An impressive-looking dish. The short rib was delicate and tore apart with minimal effort. It’s a very rich dish and hard for one person to eat, so I recommend this as a sharing dish 7/10

Fresh Lemon and Mint £5
Back in the day I use to get a fresh lemon and mint from Abu Zaad in edgeware Road, it was my favourite drink back then and this rendition was amazing, just look at that generous amount in that big glass. Such a refreshing mix of fresh mint and lemon with just the right amount of sweetness to balance the citrus of lemon. 9.5/10

I didn’t try any of the Mocktails at £7.50, the amount you get looked small and most drinks looked too sweet, my friends that got Mocktails both ordered a lemon and mint after trying mine. That says it all.

Finally, we finished off we some desserts

Pistachio Milk Cake £8.90
Nutella Milk Cake £8.90

While the texture of the Nutella milk cake was more of a sponge cake-like consistency, the flavours were on point, not too sweet with just the right amount of chocolate-infused milk.

The restaurant falls into the category of the new lounge-style restaurants that have been popping, it’s trying to create a boujee or should I say bourgeois, lush atmosphere with the usual dry ice and other Theatrics. There’s pretty loud music on all floors but in particular the bottom. On the day I visit the restaurant seemed to be 20% full with many empty tables.

With the objectively high prices due to the fact that there’s no alcohol to bump up revenues and the luxury decor, I was expecting better from the food, the main courses in particular.

My advice would be to avoid the mains I had and focus on the starters I mentioned as they were good and better value for money.

I normally don’t mention service when I’m invited to a restaurant as staff normally go the extra mile for “influencers” but I need to mention our waiter Joffery, a humble professional that was intentive and friendly while being very professional throughout the service.

Fully Halal, with No Alcohol and Shisha present.

6.9 / 10 Halal Food Guy
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  1. good detailed review – thanks – however I went here for a birthday with my wife and friends everything seemed rushed as it was a saturday night (we booked weeks in advance) I’d never go there again.


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