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Mumbai 7


There’s been a recent trend of new places that have opened that have a lot of theatrics in food presentation, you know the places, dry ice, there’s a lot of it, they use the smoke to cover the average food, but ultimately let you down when it comes to the taste of the actual food… 

This is Not one of those places.

@mumbai7.restaraunrt is a New modern Indian eatery that’s just opened up in Ilford/Seven Kings East London.

Upon walking in, one would be forgiven if you thought you had travelled into Central London because of the stylish decor, the open kitchen as you walk in where you can see all the chefs busy at work and the multiple amounts of service staff from, including a host. It’s a welcome sight in East London. 

I was invited to give an honest review and headed down with the wife and new baby. Here’s what we got.


Mumbhai Chowpatty Chaat (V) £13.50
Paanwala Murg Beeda Kebab £9.50
Bade-Miyan wale Lamb Chops £14
Tikhi Mirch Cheese Bomb (V) £7
Ulta Samosa Chaat (V) £7.50
Hearsch Bakery Slider £5
Meri Gully ka Vada-Pav (V) £4

Baadshah ka Wagyu Bhuna Steak £16.50
Bollywood Biryani £14.50


Pataka £5
Fantoosh £6.50
Nimbu Pani £4
Date & Vanilla Lassi £4


Milk-Cake £7

Mango Mastani £7

sharing chaat

The sharing chaat complete with a smokey dry ice show comes with Angoori gol-gappa, dahi puri, sev puri. That gol gappi was the highlight out of the 3. Absolutely delicious

You have never had a samosa like this before. The chef as bought his unique twist on many dishes, here he told me the idea was to recreate a cornetto ice cream, it was even filled with foam to act as the ice cream.

Lamb Chops

The lamb chops, hard to these style of chops East London, good flavour, French trimmed, thick but I found them overcooked for me and the best bit, the fat had been removed. I mentioned this to the head chef, he told me that on opening night they had chops sent back due to them being served medium rare, people wanted them cooked more. I suggested that they ask the customer how they would like their lamb cooked moving forward. 

Paanwala chicken

The Paanwala chicken was a unique dish, tender chicken, subtly spiced and smoked with apple and cedarwood chips to infuse the chicken, giving it a smokey flavour. While the chicken had a lovely velvety texture, I think the flavours could be taken up a level. 

Wagyu Bhuna steak

The wagyu Bhuna steak was a winner. Braised for 6 hours this delicate piece of meat fell apart with minimal effort, served with a balanced masala sauce. The steak was delicious, you could tell that a lot of love went into this dish, the texture and flavours all worked to create a heading main course. It was also served with masala chips, I found them a bit soft but that was the chef’s intention as a play on steak and mash. 

I was surprised with the biryani, the aromatic burst of steam when it was cut opened released memories of a mum’s homemade eid special. This dish was great, the lamb was soft and cooked perfectly and the rice was light and delicious – a fantastic biryani and tasted even better the next way as we had loads of leftovers.

The drinks here are fully non-alcoholic and display some creativity and do not offer the usual sugary Mocktail you find in every halal restaurant in East London. 

Pataka was an elegant Raspberry, Elderflower with non-alcoholic halal Champagne. 

Fantoosh is the fancy one you order for those Instagram likes. Lemongrass, Lychee, and Cherry topped with Rose Petal Tea that comes with a little theatrical dry ice show. I found that flavours slowly reduced quickly, so it was nice at first but after a while, the taste wasn’t strong enough. 

Nimbu Pani, this was a twist on the classic. The addition of chaat masala really added a surprise tang to the drink. It’s gonna be one you either like or hate due to the intense flavour, it means it will last you all night as you can only take small sips. 

To finish the meal we have desserts. Apna Bidu Ka Milk-Cake, with Marbled chocolate cake, white chocolate cream and chocolate mousse. This milk cake was different to the classic that you find everywhere, whilst the overall flavour wasn’t very sweet, the texture was brilliant and very light. 

Mango Mastani Mango falooda, sorbet, saffron noodles, nuts, shahi – tukda. This layered sundae like dessert was fun to eat. Loads of different textures and elements gave each spoonful a different experience with every bite. I very much Rd liked this unique and playful creation.

Overall, I was very impressed and had a great dining experience. There’s a balance of thought out and well-executed dishes that focus on delivering in flavour and taste, all while creating a theatrical dining experience with the dry ice element, decor and high-end service.

This is a welcomed addition to the East London halal food scene. It’s suitable for any occasion, date night, girl’s night or dinner with the family. Some of the prices of dishes don’t match the portions, but I don’t have many complaints here. I enjoyed the food and definitely will be back. 

All food is halal, no alcohol served, free street parking outside with no restrictions

Mumbai 7
8.4 / 10 Halal Food Guy
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