So a few months ago I had the day off and I decided to go for a late breakfast to the much talked about Meds cafe in Mile end. Which offers an all day halal English breakfast

Made popular due to its proximity to Queen Mary uni, it was packed with a lot of students from the area.

I ordered the standard English breakfast. What did I think?



It was up there with the most unforgettable and poorest things I ate in 2015. I seriously question how this place is so busy. Everything on the plate I had was sub standard.

Maybe it’s because I like making my own English breakfast at home and it’s 10 times better than here. It’s just a English breakfast but jeez how badly can you make it. Beans tasted like they were from some 10p can and the sausages were poor. Just sub standard quality use of condiments, even the bread/toast was cheap.

Wouldn’t go back here in a hurry. But for some reason it’s always busy. One of life’s mystery.