I’ve been to loaded burgers twice before last night’s visit and on those occasions I wasn’t impressed. However, almost a year on I thought its time to give it another try.

Im please to report that it was good! I feel that they have definitely improved dramatically since my previous visits from when they first open their doors.

I ordered the Machete burns burger, if you like heat and spice then this burger is for you. It was packed full of layers and the sauces where killer. I think it was a bit too saucy as it made the bun get too wet and fall apart. The burger patty was thick, tasty and cooked to how I wanted it.

After this visit I think ill start moving away from classic beef burgers and try the more experimental burger on menus.

The restaurant was fairly empty for a Monday night so service was quick and efficient. You order and pay first. Notice it’s cash only but there’s a cash machine next door.

All in all, I was happy with the food and will now definitely recommend a visit if you have not been yet.