Halal Restaurant Tube Map


Redesigned Tube map shows the nearest restaurant that serves halal food closest to each London Underground Station

Download the PDF here or view in-browser below. 

Download “Jan 2020” v1.3 – Updated December 2019
– Added new places
– Replaced a few

Download v1.1 – Updated September 2019
 – Fixed a few errors
– Added over 20 new places

I’ve gone and made a map that shows the nearest restaurant to a Tube Station that offers Halal Food options! I’ve shortlisted places that I’ve been to or have heard good things about, I’d say I’ve been to 90% of the places on the map.

I started with Central, it was tough as there are so many places close to tube stations, so I listed my favourite ones. Then I moved to East which was pretty easy, a little tougher was North London. West London is where TripAdvisor had to help, then came the turn of South London..yeah not much there sorry.

I amazed myself in that I listed most of the places on this map from memory! (So I could have made a mistake, but I think most of it is pretty accurate)  Hope you find this map useful, the places listed are all my choices and I’ve tried to list places by distance from the tube station and by my rating.

If you have any suggestions for Stations are don’t have a restaurant listed please leave a comment below! Also, Sorry South London but It was tough to find anything decent for you.

Also, remember I also have my amazing google map that will list all my recommended halal places based on your location in London – for more info go here or access the map directly here

The Tube map is copyright to Tfl. This map was created under Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 30ACaricature, parody or pastiche

(1)Fair dealing with a work for the purposes of caricature, parody or pastiche does not infringe copyright in the work.

(2)To the extent that a term of a contract purports to prevent or restrict the doing of any act which, by virtue of this section, would not infringe copyright, that term is unenforceable


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