Hidden in a alleyway just at the start of Chinatown is the unassuming looking C&R Malaysian restaurant. Looking at the place, it’s pretty simple, clean and basic looking.

At the time of writing this I’ve been here 3 times. Each food experience has been a good one. The roti cani here is very good, it looks so understated on the plate as do most dishes here, but the flavours that you try are great. This can definitely be said about the beef rendang, the presentation and appearance are not so great, but boy, it’s takes great, it’s the perfect balance of dry and moist when it comes to the sauce. You can really tell that it’s been slow cooked, reading all the great flavours of the meat and spices.

I did try my friends noodles and they were good. I prefer curries when it comes to pan Asian cuisine.

Also, i recommend the lychee drink. So yum!