The last time I tried a new restaurant on Ilford Lane without knowing anything about it, turned out to be one of my favourite places, I’m talking about Franzos.

So when a new Burger restaurant opened up I was hoping for good things. @burgobar is another in a line of new Muslim owned and run halal burger restaurants in the area that have recently opened up like; Fatboyz, rustic, all star, route 58 to name a few.


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I ordered the classic beef burger and a Philly cheese steak. I’ll cut to it, this was one of the weakest burgers I’ve had. It was dead. Totally bland, no taste from the beef, there were meant to be caramelised onions but they were barely grilled. It was not an enjoyable food experience. The price was £7.95, it did come with chip but the chips were Yuk and for me it’s a burger that should cost no more than £2.50. The burger was using the wrong cut of beef, with absolutely no fat content.

The phillysteak was even worse. The slices of beef were dry, overcooked and tasteless. Again, there were meant to be caramelised onions which tend to normally provide a sweetness but there was none present. The peppers weren’t even grilled, so you get a strong taste of crunchy peppers.

I have to say really poor food and it’s food that is made by people who are totally clueless about food and in particular burgers. The understanding of using quality beef or how to construct is not present here. Oh and the sweet potato chips were not even cooked, some were raw inside.
I wouldn’t even bother. I’m angry that I parted with £22 pounds in total.

No complaints with service. I should have realised it wasn’t going to be good when I saw a lot of half eaten burgers left behind by people who just left.

Don’t waste your time going. The staff were not even interested in my feedback. So annoying when restaurants open up in highly populated Muslim areas thinking they can turn a quick buck by serving up attractive food in a themed environment. They seem to underestimate the standard of quality that the new generation of Muslim consumer demands.

I really don’t like giving a place such a bad review but if you read my blog, you know that I am always direct and to the point. I hope they improve on the quality of cooking as this place im sure has potential.