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    How many out of these 20 Dishes have you had?

    Click on all the menu items you've eaten

    Lamb Biryani (Dishoom)
    Lamb Chops (Hankies Cafe)
    Lamb Pide (Pide)
    Picanha Steak (Zelmans)
    Goats Cheese and Honey (Skewd Kitchen)
    Barreh Kabab (Berenjak)
    Ribs (Meat Co)
    Grilled Lamb (De Cafe)
    Butternut squash (Kricket)
    Lamb Ribs (Bintang)
    Single Platter (Franzos)
    Crackling Spinach (Fatt Pundit)
    Stone Bass Tikka (Jamavar)
    Goat Kosha Mangsho (Darjeeling Express)
    Tres Leche (Laz Camden)
    Andana (The Mantl)
    Chocolate Fondant (Banana Tree)
    French Toast (Christopher's)
    Matchstick Chicken (Soho Wala)
    Crispy Aromatic Duck (Zheng)

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    Lets Play!

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