Inito is the latest in the new trends of restaurants that feature indian street food located near Liverpool street station, Inito serves all your favourite indian street food at a really good price .

I visited the restaurant on a saturday night, It was rather empty but I didn’t mind. The restaurant is decent size and long benches for tables (wagamama style). It feels fresh, trendy and quirky with random signage on the wall and odd props around the place.

I read that the menu is created by chef Saurav Nath, who has worked in Michelin star restaurants such as Benares and Gymkhana, so I was expecting so good food.

So let me first say that Inito is best visited with a group of friends say at least 4, this gives you more choice and the chance to try everything on the menu. The menu… there’s loads of things on the menu everything looks great.

What I ordered:

I was really in the mood for some Chaat and went for the Aloo Papri chaat (£4.50) and the Chicken Chaat (£5.45). Aloo Papri chaat was well flavoured, textured well and overall really really tasty, I liked teh fact that they didn’t go light on the tamarind.  The chicken shop was very very very spicy, in fact i found it a bit too spicy and was unable to eat most of it.

I also ordered chicken lollipops, (£4.95) deep fried chicken wings served with mint sauce. I found a chicken lollipops a bit over cooked, however the fact that they were deep fired did bring out a nice taste.

You all know i really like lamb chops and when i saw lamb chops and i knew that was it instant order. However, if you over cook lamb you lose the natural juiciness of the meat and this is what happened. I think they were cooked to medium to well-done, which made them a bit dry, they were thick but the edges were OVERCOCKED.

So, i only ordered 4 main items off the menu and didn’t actually try any mains. This was more of a test visit i am definitely definitely coming back here again .

I did also ordered a mango lassi that i had once it and send it back i didn’t want to get another one as i saw that it was pre made bottle so they gave me my money back without any fuss .

Also you order nandos styles, meaning there’s no bill at the end you order your food and pay for it at the counter at beginning of your meal which is something that i like especially if you go with a large group .

The restaurant when compared to dishoom and roti chai would probably come out on top when you factor in the price because it’s very very good value for money considering what you order and the location of the restaurant make sure you check it out.

31 Bell Lane, Spitalfields, London E1 7LA

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