Located in Whitechapel and surrounded by loads of Halal food options, E1 is a cafe more than a restaurant. I was not expecting much at first but I was very pleased by the end of my visit and was pleasantly surprised with what i ate. It is hard to find a Category for this place, it can fall into Breakfast, Cafe, British, Steaks, Burgers or Chicken.

e12Above is the Full English halal breakfast from E1. I didn’t order this but I did have a little taste. It is definitely in my opinion of a better standard and quality to Meds. I liked the taste of the sausage, it had a desi kebab taste to it, although it was cheekily cut in half so it’s not a whole one! The turkey rashers actually tasted of meat and I just felt that overall the plate was made with some “love” and had a level of delicateness to it. All day breakfast. £6.95

e13Lamb chop meal from E1. I was not expecting much to be honest.. But i was surprised as these lamb chops where great. They had a lot of flavours, spice and taste, flavours that my taste buds liked, kind of a Indian style with a nice kick. Really enjoyed it. I opted for a side of rice instead of chips as I wanted a healthier option.