If you have been following me for a while you know that I hardly venture south of the river in London at all, so when I was asked if I would like to visit a restaurant in Battersea I was not the most eager at first. TWID is a restaurant that can easily be described as quirky and very different.

The venue offers live entertainment in a setting that resembles a classic opera theatre with booth seating spread over 2 floors with live opera and performances taking centre stage.

the venue does not offer halal meat options, however, I have been on the search for good alternatives so I decided to see what TWID had to offer.

The drinks menu was limited but I wanted to see if they could make a Mocktails, however, we came to a stumbling block as our server’s level of English was poor and after a few attempts of trying to order a cocktail with no alcohol failed I gave up and just ordered a lemonade. I didn’t really have confidence that’s she would get the order right.


As you can see from the menu, the options are straightforward to pick from

Myself and dining partner got 4 dishes in total.

From the outside, the restaurant didn’t look particularly welcoming, something not helped by its slightly inconvenient location. However, when you walk in its a different experience. The decor is that of an old theatre. Despite being new, the decor does look dated and some of the quality of the furnishings are not great. It was a strange juxtaposition. We were seated in one of the booths on the upper levels, overlooking the stage. However, the view was blocked by a statue so our seating was not ideal.

I’ll be straight with you, once we did the doggy 10min walk from Clapham Junction, entered sat down and ordered we both were not expecting much and were not in the best of moods.

However that all changed when the food arrived. First I want to talk about the presentation of dishes. Every item was plated up and presented beautifully, we eat with our eyes and all dishes really looked great, you know like when watching Masterchef.

Everything I ate was brilliant or very good and that doesn’t t happen much.

Scallops, £12.50

I’m currently writing this review 3 weeks after visiting and normally I need a photo to jog my memory, but I really don’t need to as I can still recall this excellent dish. Okay, so confession time. I’ve never actually had scallops before, but i know enough about them to know how they are meant to taste. At first, there was a fishy smell when they arrived, which tend to indicate a lack of freshness. But these lightly pan seared scallops they were soft, delicate and delicious! They were served with crispy kale which really added a welcomed level of texture to the plate.

I really enjoyed each bite and took my time eating each one.

Cod, £7

Next, I tucked into the cod. Again, the plating looked great and the presentation was there. The cod was again cooked perfectly, soft and fell apart with ease. The outer skin was crispy while the white flesh of the fish was very tender and moist. About 3 weeks prior to dining here I ate a similar piece of fish at a 2 star Michelin restaurant. This was much better. So that’s really saying something.

Quinoa, £6.50

The next dish was the only vegetarian dish we ordered. As a massive meat eater, I was not expecting much. But i was definitely in for a pleasant surprise. What tasted like roasted quinoa stuffed in a mushroom served with a superfood salad. There was a really nice grilled taste from the mushroom and quinoa which complimented the simple accompanying salad. Another winner.

crab salad

Last was the crab salad made with apple, basil and fennel. Served cold, but again a really nice dish with balanced flavours and textures.

All the dishes were in their own right simple food but cooked really well. The presentation of the food really elevated the overall experience and made this a really enjoyable food experience. As a walking carnivore, I thought I’d miss the meat but I didn’t. The food here was great.

So now it’s important to discuss the other element to this restaurant. The entertainment and overall experience.

When we arrived at 7 pm on a Friday the venue was not very busy but began to fill up slowly during the evening. We actually ate and finished the meal in less than an hour. The living singing began at 7.30pm. A single performer bellowing out some opera. Quirky would be a great word to describe the environment. The singer didn’t restrict himself to the confines of his stage, the flamboyant performance would take him to jumping in front of you out of nowhere, and believe me when you are not expecting it would make you jump.

Overall, despite being out of the way for me, I was really happy I visited. At the end of the day, the food was really good, different to what I usually eat.

I was Invited to review. Thoughts are my own.