Bethnal Green Road Another new burger and steak restaurant in East London. My thoughts… AVOID. This place was just awful. I feel bad about not being positive about restaurant but I feel like I have to be. I’ll start with the positives.. The price and range of food available. I ordered a classic beef burger, with chips, coleslaw and drink for only £6.99. So this represents good value.

However, there’s no point having value if the taste is non existing. The burger was just tasteless. The patty had zero flavour, no taste of meat, in fact it tasted like a soy bean burger. The sauces and onions added zero taste. I didn’t finish it and know could stomach a few bites. My friends ordered, a chicken cesear slalad. This didn’t look like any salad I’ve ever seen. Grilled Tandoori chicken, no croutons. The other ordered a 1/4 chicken, hard to mess that up. It was simple.

The decor, off white walls, with lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Very unimaginative. To be honest, it’s on par with a big standard kebabish. I spoke with the owner (I think) and gave him my feedback. I also asked him about the steaks. I asked if they used aged meat. He didn’t seem to have any knowledge about the basics of hanged meat. When I said that the burger lacked tasted, he suggested it could be due to the species used. But in my view it was down to the quality of meat.

Based on my experience here, I won’t be coming back here again. As usual. My views are my own. I encourage you to find out yourself.

269 Bethnal GreenRoad, Bethnal Green, London E2 6AH

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