For starters I ordered the Buff Hello Wings – at only £3 I think it showed good value for money – I like the gimmick of being supplied with latex gloves to eat the wings and avoid messy fingers.

The burger – I ordered the Neon Burger – The textures were good and i liked the presentation. Although the patty was thick and looked great, the burger just lacked any real depth or flavour. While eating the burger I had the overriding feeling of total dissatisfaction, maybe it was a off day, but i really didn’t enjoy eating. Every bite of the burger was less enjoyable that the last. I’m not sure what it was, maybe the balance and choice of sauces – Horse Relish and Honey Wasabi Mayo were the best idea. But there really wasn’t a simple or classic burger on the menu.

Potion sizes are generous and the service, well, the restaurant was totally empty at 7pm on a Wednesday.

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