I always have people asking me to find a halal restaurant in or around Oxford Street that does a Full English Breakfast, you know, eggs, sausages, rashers..   now I’ve found one in a surprising place.

Chi Kitchen, known for their halal pan Asian menu is now running a Halal Full English breakfast for an amazing £5.99. I was invited down for a menu testing session and provide feedback. My meal was complimentary

Breakfast Menu

Drinks / Orange juice and Lychee fruit mix

Drinks / Orange juice and Lychee fruit mix

The breakfast is available every day until 11 am, however with my suggestion and feedback, they will now extend the times and you can get it served until 2 pm on a weekend. Perfect me and those who like to stay in bed for a little longer. It’s also a great option for students in the area during the week.

Full English

It’s a great addition to the halal scene and the chefs and management were very focused on providing a quality full halal breakfast. The team want to customers to trust the validity of the halal status of the food. There are no other non-halal products for the breakfast to get mixed with. The chicken sausages are handmade from scratch,  not processed and you could tell.. It was a nice change to the processed stuff. Mushroom were a little too salty. Turkey was crispy on the edge and soft in the middle.

I was happily impressed with food and presentation, it didn’t feel greasy at all, the portions were filling and not too heavy.

Making a full English is simple, it’s something I make at home, but finding one in central in a venue like Chi Kitchen for the price is really good.

Eggs Benedict

I also had a simple Eggs Benedict, cooked perfectly and a very nice lime infused hollandaise sauce. It was served on some lightly toasted bread, my feedback was to use an English muffin as its meant to be. It could also benefit from the addition of salmon or spinach.

The Breakfast Menu is served till 11 am, The plan is to extend hours on the weekend, please double check before visiting.